Weather on the Bayou

is damp and cold like the weather across the central and eastern part of Texas. I know that it is nothing like what the Northeastern part of the country is or has been going through. The temperature has been in the mid-twenties today and is supposed to be down to 20 tonight. Not too bad, considering. But couple that with the northern wind and the chill factor is in the low teens or single digits. Once again, I know that the temperatures and chill factors are worse in pretty much the rest of the country, but temps like these are not as common here as else where. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, just stating facts.

Of course, anyone who has raised or who are raising children, know that days like this are hard on parents and children. The children get bored and want to be entertained, so in some cases they start to pick arguments with their siblings. This sometimes leads to a frustrating day for the parents. Now, there are no children in this house on the bayou, human children, I must add. Now let’s talk about the feline children. Today has been a series of opening the front door and letting cats out only to make it back to the kitchen or recliner just to have them beating down the back door to get back in. My goodness, it’s cold outside. Not only that but the ones who spend the majority of their time outside, and only come in to eat, decided today is a good day to be underfoot. Now, bored children have nothing on bored cats. What do we do, we pick arguments with pretty much every other feline in the house. They can’t all do it a one time, they have to spread it out over the entire day. Then amazingly, when it’s time to be fed, everyone’s on good behavior. These cats that we have rescued, adopted, or have been talked into caring for, are worse than kids. But, as Susan did, I love them all. Needless to say, it’s been a hectic day. But it has helped me to decide to post to the blog. I needed that.

I also have to say thanks to someone who sent a card and a kind message of sharing. It has helped get me thinking about the blog, and those who follow the postings. Today I decided to post the experience I went thru today. I plan to post soon with updates on CT scans, Burkett VFD news, and Life On The Bayou. I apologize for not posting in a while. It is my plan to do better in the future. One of these days I will learn how to post pictures also. It will probably take one of the our daughters showing me how. But sooner or later I’ll learn.

May all of you have a blessed day, month, year, life.

Christmas on the Bayou

was quiet and low key. I spent Christmas Eve watching the Christmas tree lights and lost in memories of Christmas’ past with Susan. The holidays were definitely her most favorite time of the year. She loved the lights and the decorated Christmas tree.  Our daughter Laura  put up the outside lights the day after Thanksgiving.  I did help by holding the ladder for her. The lights look fantastic.  The tree I set up and decorated.  I could never even come close to decorating as well as Susan could, but the tree is for her.

From the first year we met and started being with each other, I gave her a butterfly of some sort every year for Christmas. I think most people knew of this fact. What is not known to all is why. The reason for the yearly gift is something that one day I will share with our children. The reason Susan and I held {and I still hold) the butterflies so dearly is one of those memories that will never fade.  This year, the 36th butterfly for Susan, I made into a Christmas ornament.  I placed it on the tree on Christmas Eve. I wanted it to be where Susan could see it as she watches over us.

Christmas Day I drove up to the DFW Metroplex to spend time with three of our four children.  I received a beautiful quilt from our daughter in Arlington. It is a quilt I will cherish forever. Stacie did a wonderful job on it. On the quilt are some things that have created the cherished memories.

Then it was over to Carrollton to have Christmas dinner with Lance , Leslie, Kathrine, Kenneth, Katey, Angela and Laura and Emylee and Sharon. Also for Christmas I received a hat that I have searching for for about ten years. Then it was back to Burkett. I did so enjoy the visits.

New Years will also be a quiet time here.  I plan to spend it in front of the fireplace and get lost in the beautiful memories of all the wonderful New Years Susan and I spent together. I would not trade them for the world.

I wish all  of you a blessed, safe, and wonderful New Year. May the coming year bring you happiness, health, and peace.  God bless you.


34 years ago today,

Susan and I were married. We had no idea what the future held in store for us, but we were willing to face it together. Through the years, we encountered rough times along with the good. I would not trade a single moment of the times we shared, good or bad. I loved Susan before we were married, and I loved her more each day we were together, and my love will never diminish.

I thank the Good Lord for time I was allowed to spend with Susan. She was and is the best part of me. Susan’s passing has taken a lot out of me, but nothing can take away my love or the memories I have.

Today is our anniversary. There will be tears, but there will also be the beautiful memories.

I love you, Susan, and I will love you always. Thank you for all the wonderful years and beautiful memories.


Life on the bayou

goes on. Not as smoothly and a lot more lonely. Sometimes the emptiness of the house comes crashing down and I have to leave for a while. I thank the Good Lord for family and friends that take some of the loneliness away.

Our daughter Laura comes down and spends the weekend with me as often as she can.  We try to go fishing every time she is here.  We both enjoy the sport of fishing.  We both believe in catch and release.

Son Lance, Laura and myself journeyed to Port Aransas, on Oct 16th, and went out on a charter that night.  We didn’t have a lot of luck that evening, but we did catch a few.  The following morning we took  another charter and went about 15 or so miles out and tied up to a oilrig stand pipe.  There we commenced to catch fish.  We caught quite a few sharks, some snapper and pompano.  We traveled back to home that evening, tired but happy with the catch.

Quilting: I don’t quilt, but our daughter Christy does.  She has the HQ Sixteen (Susan’s long arm quilter) there with her in Wisconsin.  Christy plans to finish the quilts that Susan had started, and to continue to quilt charity quilts, as Susan was doing.  I know that she will do an excellent job with the HQ Sixteen.  Christy had also taken part of Susan’s fabric stash to use on the quilts.  Some individuals had suggested that I sell the fabric.  I want Susan’s fabric to go to the needy in the form of donated quilts.

Our friend Wanda, who some of you are familiar with, also has taken some of the fabric to donate to quilters who are doing charity quilts.  I think that is an excellent use for the fabric.

Kitties: I will admit that in a lot of instances the cats make life interesting at times.  FraidyCat, I’m convinced has it in his mind that if he can just get into the bedroom, he will find Susan.  He would spend time snuggling with
Susan after he was fed.  The Brat Pack (Snuggles, Spooky, Shadowfire, and Lil Pup (Scamp)), will all four get into my lap while I’m sitting in the recliner. All of them, with the exception of Shadowfire spend a lot of time outside. Muckley’s Muckley and Blaze still wants to keep me all to himself. Apache’s coat has grown back, the sores are gone and she has gained some weight. The Vet’s are all amazed that she has done so well. Susan was convinced that if we continued to watch what Apache came in contact with, and keep her on healthy can food only, she would recover. Susan believed and she was right.

I do apologize for taking so long to post again. I know that Susan could say things better, and make it more interesting, but I will do my best. I thank all of you who support this blog. May the Good Lord bless all of you. He has certainly blessed me.


If It All Fell To Pieces

The year was 1984, and I was on assignment to Kuwait. It was the first overseas trip I made while employed by Raytheon.

The mail system in Kuwait was one of the better ones in the Middle East. Susan and I exchanged letters almost on a daily basis.

There was one letter from Susan that I will never forget, for in the letter she wrote:

“You can spend all your time making money,
You can spend all your love making time,
If it all fell to pieces tomorrow,
Would you still be mine?”

I know that most people recognize the lyrics from the Eagles’ song, “Take It To The Limit”.

During that particular time in our life together, there was certainly no guarantee that career, job, finances would not all fall to pieces. But knowing that this could happen, my answer then was the same as it would be today. Would I still be hers? No question about it, Yes I would. The longer Susan and I were together, the stronger our love.

In so many relationships today, when trials and tribulations arise, the individuals seem to forget that love, true love, will always see you over the hurdles. It is heartbreaking to see relationships fall apart at the first sign of adversity.

Things were not always smooth for Susan and myself, but through love and faith, we smoothed the bumps.

The advise I would give if anyone asked for it, would be to first examine your heart, for this is where love is. Love, faith, and prayer will see you through the hard times.


In Memory Of Susan

Susan was not only an influence to the community of Burkett, but along with her job at the Coleman Housing Authority, she was the treasurer for the Burkett Volunteer Fire Department. Needless to say, Susan not only approached the duties of treasurer with the same enthusiasm as she did life, but being an officer she was instrumental in helping organize the fund raisers and along with a couple of other ladies, worked tirelessly to ensure that events ran smoothly. Everyone in the Burkett VFD held Susan in the highest regard.

To honor Susan, The Burkett Volunteer Fire Department is dedicating the department’s newest truck to her. The truck is a 5-ton, military vehicle that is being fitted out as a brush truck. The truck will have the latest equipment, and will carry 1200 gallons of water. The 5-ton will provide the fire department with a versatile truck that can be used in smooth or rough terrain.

The truck will have “In Memory Of Susan” along with ribbons of stars and stripes and a pink one denoting our fight against cancer.

I will do my best to include a picture of the truck when it is completely fitted out. Hopefully by then I will learn how to insert pictures into the posts.

Susan will never be forgotten by those in the community of Burkett, and the members of the Burkett Volunteer Fire Department. Susan is, and will continue to loved by those who had the opportunity to know her.


Thank You

I wish to thank all that commented on the “Beloved Susan” post. The comments were greatly appreciated. I knew that Susan reached a lot of people through the blog, but I had no idea how far reaching it was.

I apologize for not posting earlier, but please forgive me. It is still difficult for me to sit down and put my thoughts into to the post. I find it almost impossible to type through the tears. But, life on the bayou goes on.

Susan was a beautiful person, and her faith was reflected in everything she did. She always had a ready smile and kind word for all. I don’t know if you are familiar with the song “What faith Can Do” by a group called Kutless. They have a video of the song on You Tube. I don’t know how to put a link to it. But it is a beautiful song, and shows just what can be accomplished by one’s faith.

Our daughter Stacie put together a collage (I pray that I’m calling it by the right term) of pictures with Susan in them. (if I learn how to embed pictures in the post, I’ll post a picture of it.) Also with the photos there is a poem that Stacie placed in the middle. Stacie did a beautiful job on it. I’d like to share the poem with you.

God Took Her To His Loving Home

God saw her getting tired, a cure was not to be.
He wrapped her in his loving arms and whispered ‘Come with me.’
She suffered much in silence, her spirit did not bend.
She faced her pain with courage, until the very end.
She tried so hard to stay with us, but her fight was not in vain.
God took her to his loving home, and freed her from her pain.

Susan touched so many individuals in her life. She touched me thirty six years ago, and I thank the Good Lord that she did. She still touches me today. She is, and will be always, in my heart.