If It All Fell To Pieces

The year was 1984, and I was on assignment to Kuwait. It was the first overseas trip I made while employed by Raytheon.

The mail system in Kuwait was one of the better ones in the Middle East. Susan and I exchanged letters almost on a daily basis.

There was one letter from Susan that I will never forget, for in the letter she wrote:

“You can spend all your time making money,
You can spend all your love making time,
If it all fell to pieces tomorrow,
Would you still be mine?”

I know that most people recognize the lyrics from the Eagles’ song, “Take It To The Limit”.

During that particular time in our life together, there was certainly no guarantee that career, job, finances would not all fall to pieces. But knowing that this could happen, my answer then was the same as it would be today. Would I still be hers? No question about it, Yes I would. The longer Susan and I were together, the stronger our love.

In so many relationships today, when trials and tribulations arise, the individuals seem to forget that love, true love, will always see you over the hurdles. It is heartbreaking to see relationships fall apart at the first sign of adversity.

Things were not always smooth for Susan and myself, but through love and faith, we smoothed the bumps.

The advise I would give if anyone asked for it, would be to first examine your heart, for this is where love is. Love, faith, and prayer will see you through the hard times.



9 responses to “If It All Fell To Pieces

  1. Thanks for sharing Ernie. Looking back after 51 years (48 married), it was the hard times that further bonded us together and the love for us has definitely gotten stronger as with you and Susan……hugs from Central Texas.

  2. Ernie, Those beautiful words from you and Susan for sure and . I and I am sending prayers, hugs and good thoughts to you from here in Marydel, Delaware

  3. Thank you for such wonderful words. I know you and Susan had a wonderful life. I hope all the things you think about are wonderful for Susan was one of Gods precious ones and I feel very blessed to be able to have known her through her wonderful writings on this blog. Hope you are doing good and I thank you for continuing to up date us on you once in a while.

  4. Ernie, bless you for reminding us of what matters. I didn’t know Susan but she seemed like she had a tender heart.


    You can’t always control who walks into your life, but you can control which window you throw them out of.

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  5. You could feel the love in all of Susan’s posts. It was obvious that you loved and cared for each other deeply. I’m so glad you found each other and appreciated the rewards of hard work and prayer in a relationship.