Basic Information

Info Updated 4/28/12 — basic yardage info added and general rules – please read all of it if you plan to participate so we don’t have to repeatedly answer questions that are included here. Thanks! We’re looking forward to getting started on this project.

It will be Christmas in July – — – –

Announcing the Christmas Town Sampler – A Collaboration Among Friends

This project is being offered as a Block of the Month, where the center will be Mystery blocks revealed monthly and which you will collect through Blog Hopping our blogs! Denise designed this great batch of border blocks while Judy, Sheryl and I will be designing the center blocks to replace the question marks.

Each month you will need to visit each of our blogs to collect our latest block revealed for that month. Instructions will be in pdf format download only. The final instructions to set everything all together will be posted on Denise’s blog in November. So start in July, finish in November, on your bed in December!

Yardage for the background in the border sections and plain borders will be posted in June. Yardage for the other fabrics used throughout the quilt will not be given as this is a great scrap friendly, stashbusting project. You’ll have fun choosing the necessary fabrics from your stash to make each block uniquely yours.

A few no-no’s…..

1.  You are responsible for setting your own reminders in your calenders to collect your patterns.    We will not send out email reminders, though some of us will probably do a blog post around the time of publishing.

2.  Do NOT ask us to email the patterns to you.  It won’t be happening.

3.  Do NOT share your pattern.  Please direct your friends to our blogs where they may download their own copies.

4.  Due to bandwidth limitations where the patterns are stored, it’s possible to get an error message.  Please wait awhile and try again.  The patterns will be available for months…you’ll have plenty of time to get your copies.

5.  Remember we all have private lives, families, jobs and other demands on our time.  Our goal is to publish on the first Saturday of each month.  I’ve preloaded mine and scheduled them to publish around 5:30AM….but as with any computer, ISP, host agency,  it’s possible that there could be a problem.  Be patient.  I’ll get it online as quickly as possible.  Each contributor is responsible for publishing their own patterns and we’re in different time zones and on different schedules.  Once again, please be patient.  All the patterns will be published.

Susan ~ Patchkat


5 responses to “Basic Information

  1. I have been following the blog and very excited. I have an I pad. You make reference to a new code. I can not find the original and or the new code. Without this I believe that. I cannot down load the first four blocks. I am very sad und upset . Can you please direct me as I want desperately to complete this beautiful
    Bom challenge.

    Ann Kendall

    • If you will click on the Christmas Town Sampler at the top of my blog, all the information is there. We started in July and to get all the patterns, you will need to visit the other 3 blogs each month. Those links are listed at the bottom of the CTS page.

    • Click on the link in the top header….Christmas Town Sampler. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find the July and AUgust links. Enjoy.

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