Once again Thanksgiving is upon us. A time for family get-togethers, good eats, great times, and the sharing of love. It is my sincere wish that all of you have a wonderful, blessed day. May you know the love that families share. And may we be truly thankful for the many blessings that are afforded us.  A loving family, God’s love, health, and so many others. I feel I am truly blessed.

As I think back over the years, there have been many wonderful memories of Thanksgivings.  Each Thanksgiving in itself has been unique, and all are dear to my heart. For example I will always cherish the memory of bursting a hose on the 66 Charger and having to use one of the heater hoses to repair it.  Lance and Laura were able to keep warm because we carried quilts and pillows in the car, but ole Dad felt like a popsickle by the time we got back home.

Another occassion that will also be a special memory, is what you could call the “Ice Chest Thanksgiving”.  After we bought the house here in Burkett, we would come here for the holidays. The first Thanksgiving we celebrated in the house, we did out of an ice chest.  The best part of that Thanksgiving, was that our daughter Laura showed up for a surprise visit.

Those are just two of the many Thanksgivings we have shared as family. Christy , Lance, Laura, Stacie, Susan and I. So many wonderful memories.  Thank the Good Lord for family love.

I wish you not only a wonderful Thanksgiving, but a loving and safe one.

Have a Blessed day.