Life on the bayou

goes on. Not as smoothly and a lot more lonely. Sometimes the emptiness of the house comes crashing down and I have to leave for a while. I thank the Good Lord for family and friends that take some of the loneliness away.

Our daughter Laura comes down and spends the weekend with me as often as she can.  We try to go fishing every time she is here.  We both enjoy the sport of fishing.  We both believe in catch and release.

Son Lance, Laura and myself journeyed to Port Aransas, on Oct 16th, and went out on a charter that night.  We didn’t have a lot of luck that evening, but we did catch a few.  The following morning we took  another charter and went about 15 or so miles out and tied up to a oilrig stand pipe.  There we commenced to catch fish.  We caught quite a few sharks, some snapper and pompano.  We traveled back to home that evening, tired but happy with the catch.

Quilting: I don’t quilt, but our daughter Christy does.  She has the HQ Sixteen (Susan’s long arm quilter) there with her in Wisconsin.  Christy plans to finish the quilts that Susan had started, and to continue to quilt charity quilts, as Susan was doing.  I know that she will do an excellent job with the HQ Sixteen.  Christy had also taken part of Susan’s fabric stash to use on the quilts.  Some individuals had suggested that I sell the fabric.  I want Susan’s fabric to go to the needy in the form of donated quilts.

Our friend Wanda, who some of you are familiar with, also has taken some of the fabric to donate to quilters who are doing charity quilts.  I think that is an excellent use for the fabric.

Kitties: I will admit that in a lot of instances the cats make life interesting at times.  FraidyCat, I’m convinced has it in his mind that if he can just get into the bedroom, he will find Susan.  He would spend time snuggling with
Susan after he was fed.  The Brat Pack (Snuggles, Spooky, Shadowfire, and Lil Pup (Scamp)), will all four get into my lap while I’m sitting in the recliner. All of them, with the exception of Shadowfire spend a lot of time outside. Muckley’s Muckley and Blaze still wants to keep me all to himself. Apache’s coat has grown back, the sores are gone and she has gained some weight. The Vet’s are all amazed that she has done so well. Susan was convinced that if we continued to watch what Apache came in contact with, and keep her on healthy can food only, she would recover. Susan believed and she was right.

I do apologize for taking so long to post again. I know that Susan could say things better, and make it more interesting, but I will do my best. I thank all of you who support this blog. May the Good Lord bless all of you. He has certainly blessed me.



13 responses to “Life on the bayou

  1. Ernie, thanks for the update on the kids, quilting and the furbabies. Always good to read that things are moving along.

  2. I would love to see photos of Christy’s quilts when she finishes. I love that she’s continuing her Mom’s mission of charity quilts.

    Keep snuggling with those kitties. My best friend past away in January and her kitties are comforting her husband as well.

  3. You are in our hearts and prayers. Lynn

    You can’t always control who walks into your life, but you can control which window you throw them out of.

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  4. It’s good that your children are able to visit and spend time doing things together that you all enjoy. I’m glad to hear that Christy is carrying on in the work of her mother. So many quilters do not have close family members to leave their stash of fabric and other quilting goodies to. Yes, cats can definitely bring both fun and frustration into our lives, but who would want to go through life without a cat or two (or half a dozen) to keep them company.

    I find it interesting, and am very glad, that you’re still sending out updates. I think you will find, if you haven’t already, that writing can be very cathartic. Putting thoughts and feelings down on paper, even if you choose not to share them with us, will help in coping with your loss. Even though you weren’t the one to originate the blog, you, your family, and your pets were all part of it. Losing Susan was difficult enough without losing the rest of your family as well. Without your posts, we would know you were still there but always wonder how you were doing. I hope you are able to continue to find both the time and the desire to continue to share your family, your kitties, and your faith with us.

  5. Thank you for writing Ernie. I know it’s lonely and often hard to get through the day, maybe even an hour. I wish I had the magic to fix everything for you but we know that’s not possible.

    I like hearing what you’re doing, how the kids are, what antics the cats are up to, and how things are going in general. My favorite blogs are exactly what you’re doing – just keeping us up to date and sharing a bit of life. That was what Susan did and we all got to know her through her sharing her moments of fun, joy, exasperation and quilting (lots of quilting). She goes on through her quilts, her fabric, her cats, our memories of her, and mostly you now. I really like that you’re sharing her fabric with charity quilts – that’s what I would want.

    You’re a good man. Share with us when you can.

  6. Ernie, I can’t imagine what you’re still going through. I am still blessed to be living with my hubby of 37 years, empty nest and all. It has to be difficult, but if you love kitties like Susan loved kitties, they should be providing a small comfort, if nothing else. I enjoy reading what you have to say, and even if it’s not often, it’s still good to hear how things are going with the family. God Bless!!

  7. Thank you, Ernie, for the updates. It is a good thing to have some sort of outside contact, even if you don’t see our faces. I’m glad that Susan’s legacy of charity quilts is continuing.

  8. Susan would be proud of you in continuing to posts updates, and for making sure her stash benefits charity. She and I had so much fun over seeing the charity quilts at the El Paso guild, it fed our souls. And I know Wanda will be certain it continues.
    Keeping you always in my prayers.

  9. So nice to hear how you are doing, I forgot how many cats you guys had and it must make for some interesting times for sure.

  10. I think you are doing a wonderful job continuing Susan’s legacy and this blog. I think Susan would be happy that you are seeing that her stash is used for charity quilts. It’s nice that her daughter can carry on with quilting on her machine. The love that you and Susan shared with each other and with the world still shines through in your blog posts. God Bless you and your family.

  11. Ernie, thanks so much for continuing to post.. We want to keep up with the news your way. I had a feeling the HQ16 would go to Christy and am so glad it did. Thank heavens for your family, friends and Wanda! Chuck and I send our love to you. Know that you are a good friend and we wish we were closer so we could visit with you.

  12. Ernie, It’s wonderful hearing from you. We appreciate you keeping us up-to-date. I know it is difficult but please know that we care about you and want to hear how you are. Another season is upon us and I know that this one will be especially hard for you. Sending special thoughts and prayers to you and your family.