In Memory Of Susan

Susan was not only an influence to the community of Burkett, but along with her job at the Coleman Housing Authority, she was the treasurer for the Burkett Volunteer Fire Department. Needless to say, Susan not only approached the duties of treasurer with the same enthusiasm as she did life, but being an officer she was instrumental in helping organize the fund raisers and along with a couple of other ladies, worked tirelessly to ensure that events ran smoothly. Everyone in the Burkett VFD held Susan in the highest regard.

To honor Susan, The Burkett Volunteer Fire Department is dedicating the department’s newest truck to her. The truck is a 5-ton, military vehicle that is being fitted out as a brush truck. The truck will have the latest equipment, and will carry 1200 gallons of water. The 5-ton will provide the fire department with a versatile truck that can be used in smooth or rough terrain.

The truck will have “In Memory Of Susan” along with ribbons of stars and stripes and a pink one denoting our fight against cancer.

I will do my best to include a picture of the truck when it is completely fitted out. Hopefully by then I will learn how to insert pictures into the posts.

Susan will never be forgotten by those in the community of Burkett, and the members of the Burkett Volunteer Fire Department. Susan is, and will continue to loved by those who had the opportunity to know her.



16 responses to “In Memory Of Susan

  1. What a great thing, how nice that you are able to see how much she mean’t to others and how kind of you to let us know.

  2. God bless you, Ernie. Susan won’t be forgotten by a lot more people than just the residents of Burkett. May your memories make you smile, and your loss not drag you down. I’m sure Burkett is also trying to help you through this. If we were closer, I’m sure there’d be lots more doing the same. Hope you’re getting through this without too much grief. Blessings to you & yours.

  3. I love the idea of Susan being right there on the line helping to fight fires as always. Her memories are still living. Love ya, Ernie, see you soon.

  4. I love this thought of her flying along on the truck… what a great tribute ! Thanks for sharing this with her readers, Ernie.

  5. I always enjoyed her blog, especially about the kitties. She is greatly missed by all. That is a loving way to honor her with the fire truck, she was always writing about the fire department and her enjoyment of fund raising for them.
    Prayers are always with you and your family.

  6. Thanks Ernie for sharing. ALSO, she will never be forgotten by her family and for all of us who loved her.

    She will always be in my memory and for her faith in our heavenly Father. I saw a complete turn around

    in her walk with Christ. Her light will forever shine ….

  7. I had been thinking of Susan on Sunday and then you posted your blog comments. I am glad that she could be recognized by the fire fighters so aptly!

  8. Ernie, both Susan and you through her writings will always hold a special place in our hearts. Thank you so much for the update – I will look forward to seeing the photos! <3

  9. So glad to be hearing from you. I know you are going through an exceptionally hard time and it is appreciated the time to keep us updated. Look forward to future follow ups. Much love and God Bless, Ann

  10. What a wonderful way to honour Susan! The Burkett Fire Dept. was one of her many causes and she would be so proud to know her namesake will be out on the line helping fight fires. We all miss her so much.
    Susan’s Aunt Deb