2010 Stashbusting Goals

In 2009 I purchased under 34 yards of fabric and used 243 yards from my stash!   Not bad.   I didn’t keep track of how many quilts I completed (though I did quilt 14 quilts the first 2 weeks I had my machine!)  or the tops and numerous swap blocks made.  I rearranged and cleaned my sewing room, bought a HQ16 quilting set up…and gave away 70+ yds of fabric to a church group sewing for children’s charities.

I’ve already challenged myself to do better in 2010!

My 2010 goals are:

  1. use at least 300 yds from the stash
  2. finish 10 of my older UFOs
  3. make 4 Christmas quilts for family members
  4. make at least 30  charity quilts …that’s less than 1 per week and should be “do-able” for me

Year to date done:

  •               1/3/10   –  1 charity top finished 
  •               1/17/10 –  2 charity tops finished
  •               1/29/10 –  2  older UFOs (from 2000-2001)
  •                            –  1 charity top finished
  •               2/7/10  –   3 charity tops finished
  •               2/14/10 –  3 charity tops finished
  •               2/23/10  – 2 charity tops finished
  •               2/27/10  – 1 charity top finished
  •               3/01/10  – 1 charity top finished(old UFO from 2002)




6 responses to “2010 Stashbusting Goals

  1. When you were in the Emirates which one were you in and when did you leave? I am in Dubai and belong to the Dubai Quilters Guild, just curious if I’ve met you along the way. I’ve been in Dubai for seven years, beginning year 8 in August. For now I’m home in North Carolina, good ole USA!
    I was referred to your blog through Cyber Quilters for your latest BOM. I thought I’d try it using sample books I’ve purchased in the souks in Satwa.

    • Becky, we lived in Abu Dhabi in 1991-1992. We didn’t have a guild, but we had a good quilting, bible study group that met weekly. I loved * LOVED * shopping the Souks and brought back a fair amount of Egyptian cottons, Indian Sari cotton and any other cotton that I liked. The Sari cottons were very thin, but I ‘ve used them to back quilts that are washed often and it’s held up beautifully. We shopped in Dubai at Safestway, Ikea, and in Sharjah at the Souk, ate often at Pancho Villa’s. We traveled all over, collected shells and sand and lots of photos. We enjoyed our stay in the Emirates but love the USA!

  2. There is an Abu Dhabi quilt guild now. In Dubai we have not one but two quilt shops now, they are quite lovely, still a tad cheaper than the US but not by much. The souks are still cheapest of all with seconds or over runs from wonderful fabric lines though you might only get one piece of a line. I have more fabric than anyone human can ever use. I have quit going to the souks. I bought about 30 fabric sample books and they were so full….I filled four little tubs on my bookshelf with the fabrics and plan to use them all in a scrappy quilt and name it something to do with Satwa…those little men call us when new fabric is in! It’s hard to resist when it’s only 3 to 4 dollars a yard, it was much cheaper but prices are going up as they are everywhere. You can find the Dubai Quilters Guild online at http://dubaiquiltersguild.wordpress.com/ You can also find one of our quilt shops this link will take you to the quilter of the month, scroll down to archives and find me in Sept 06 http://www.classicquiltsdubai.com/balston.html
    We’ve been in Dubai since August 03. I’ve met a lot of wonderful quilters.

    • I know. I came home with lots more than I shipped over! I’ll check out your links. Glad to hear that Abu Dhabi has a guild now. Wish there had been one when we were there.

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