A little about me stuff

I AM A QUILTER!!!   If there’s a 12 step program to cure this disease,  I’m not interested, lol.   I started my quilting life as a young child under my GGrandmother Fulton’s quilting frame.   I learned about newspaper templates, patterns, hand piecing/quilting, and using scraps.  My Mother helped me assemble my first quilt top…a Trip Around the World that grew way too big to fit any bed.

My hobbies have grown to include crochet, beading, genealogy, scrapbooking, collecting vintage linens, sewing machines, and cooking.   My husband, Ernie, is supportive of my interests…but he says I get tunnel vision when I’m “creating”.  I don’t understand that at all! 

I AM A MOM!   We raised 4 great children and have 9 grand children scattered from Texas to Wisconsin.

I’M A WIFE to a great retired guy!    Our employment took us to such exotic locales as Greece, Egypt, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and various places in the good ole’ USA.   After all our travels, we retired in West Central Texas…right at the beginning of the Texas Hill Country.  It’s lovely, rolling hills, oaks and the Pecan Bayou in our back yard!   Our home sits on 3 acres with about 15 pecan trees and several large oaks.  We see all manner of wildlife and feed more varieties of birds than we can identify or count.

Our retirement “children” are all 4 footed with pointy ears and whiskers.  There are 3 older kitties who are experienced international travelers and strictly house cats…and 4 younger ones who come inside at night.  We feed another 8-11 ferals outside.   Good thing about kitties…they take care of any mice and the snakes seem to stay away…that’s a good thing as I am terrified of snakes.