Yardage for Christmas Town Sampler

 YARDAGE INFO:   We are giving the yardage for the background fabric and the fabric used for the sashing and borders.  The yardage for the background fabric is an estimate on the higher side — it’s based on the image at the left with all the center blocks using just border fabric.  Nearly all center blocks will have border fabric in them  but not as much as is shown here.  However, we’re erring on the side of having left over fabric rather than running short.  Since you’re making blocks written up by four different people, it may not be the most judicious use of your fabric – hence erring on the high side.  But keep those leftovers from month to month because you may be able to use them the following month so they are not wasted. Yardage for the other fabrics used throughout the quilt will not be given as this is a great scrap friendly, stashbusting project and half the fun will be picking  the specific fabrics from your stash to make each block unique.

So for the larger version of the quilt: BACKGROUND YARDAGE — 5+1/4 yards; BORDER/SASHING YARDAGE — 3+1/4 yards (which includes binding).

For the smaller version of the quilt:  BACKGROUND YARDAGE – 4+1/4 YARDS; BORDER/SASHING YARDAGE 2+1/4 yards (including binding).

The center blocks may be pieced, appliqued, paperpieced — you’ll just have to wait and see  – but I thnk they are all lovely and will be fun to make.    This coloring  on the left is my first choice of scrappy tone on tone fabrics…I still need to pull my fabrics.   I’m hoping to have enough in the stash to go with greens, greys, blues, some mauve/purples and some rusty red/oranges; a few yellows/golds for windows with a cream background.

The quilt, as shown in the image on cover page, finishes at 90″ x 103“.  The image above, without the additional border sections, ending with the building border, finishes 78″ x 91″.  And you could also add an additional plain border around the outside if you want a quilt for a larger bed (you’ll need to play with your fabric yardage).

Be sure to check back when additional information is posted.   The entire design will be available for a limited time only.


2 responses to “Yardage for Christmas Town Sampler

  1. Thanks for the new Blog hop. I’ve been patiently waiting since seeing the quilt for the first time!!

  2. I love the quilt. I deffinately want to make it. I have printed off the Manor House, the Three Trees & the applique block. Now I’m wondering about the other buildings & the other tree. Are those patterns still going to come?

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