A little walk on dusty roads

 While the kids were here, the guys took some walks…I caught them coming off the bridge.  They were looking at the bayou and checking the pastures for stray cows.

There were 4 left after the neighbor trailed out the main herd.  He came and trailered the calf to go to auction with his Mom…and left the bull and the old range cow with her calf.  We haven’t seen them on the bayou, so they must’ve fenced them in.  They do have water, so we’re not too worried about them.


Rustin found this seal…which in all the time we’ve lived here, I had never seen.  Pretty cool, huh?  It shows the elevation benchmark as surveyed by the US Coast and Geodetic Survey team in 1934.



 Only things struggling in the heat are the trees and they’re really stressed.  It’s so hot, there aren’t many people out and about.  Even the chickens are holed up waiting on cooler evening temperatures.




A place of cool refuge.  We took Hunter in for piano lessons. 

After growing up in large city churches, this is such a change… notice the attendance. 

We’re small but mighty!   What these tiny town churches are missing is children.  We have anywhere from 1 – 5 most Sundays depending on who has grandchildren visiting.

We do have an active Bible study group and a great Pastor.  They along with the Music Director and the piano player drive 25 miles to get here.  Doesn’t sound like much, but in the winter time on winding icy roads, it’s pretty amazing. 

Dry, hot and dusty roads, we love living in Burkett.  We know things will change for the better!

Susan ~ Patchkat


2 responses to “A little walk on dusty roads

  1. I also attend a very small church in the woods, no children to speak off only grands when they visit. We have a great and small group just like yours. There is a bigger one in town but I love the pastor.