My Quilter and Me :-)

 Daughter Christy…my main quilter for the last 10 days. 

She fell in love with the Handi-Quilter16 and was pretty much inseperable from it!  That was a great thing for me.

We only had one moment of panic when we got a motor stall error message.  That was cleared out with canned air and some tweezers.  Had a piece of thread broken behind the bobbin case.

Christy said she would be glad to take the machine home with her.   NOT!!!  She will have to wait, lol.

Isn’t it a gorgeous machine!  It quilts a dream…we went in circles with ease.  I still have the original plastic tracks and HQ wheels.  I don’t have any problems with the carriage rolling smoothly.  Christy got really good at doing swirls.  She wasn’t brave enough to try anything else, but we’ll work on more freehand designs on her next trip. 

This is the baby quilt Christy started some time ago.  This was all scraps that she was stashbusting.

She had it pinned for “birthing” and to turn like a pillowcase for quilting.  I edge stitched it. then she trimmed and turned.  We pinned the points to an 8″ wide strip top and bottom then loaded that onto the machine.  It quilted BEAUTIFULLY! 

Amazing how simple 9 Patch blocks set on point become spectacular and complicated looking.  I love the zig-zag edges.  Good job!

Susan ~ Patchkat


6 responses to “My Quilter and Me :-)

  1. Thanks for sharing. Had not thought about a nine patch on point and finished that way. Glad you had such a good time.

  2. Had a Blast working with Mom! I’ll be back to do more. Love that machine. Works so smooth and effortlessly! All I had to do was walk along with it. I missed quilting, but its back to cards now that I’m home. I’ve got classes to get ready for. And back to school/work. :(

  3. Beautiful Mama and Daughter! I haven’t seen Christy since she was about Hunter’s age. Your quilts are astounding, I’m enjoying all the beautiful pictures and can’t believe how many you got done in such a short time. I’ve got a wall hanging size quilt I started in 1993, still unfinished, and good intentions – LOL
    You look *great*! Love that little pixie wig!
    Aunt Deb

  4. 2 gorgeous gals–almost look like twins! Glad you had a fun time together–and Christy–your quilting and baby quilt are fabulous! Love the colors in the quilt.