This is the one that DIDN’T get away.

I’ve been blogging about how dry we are…this is the Bayou several days ago…and THIS is the deep part.  The water is down about 12 feet.


The fish are struggling for oxygen and cooler waters.  I bet this isn’t more than 2′ deep now.  Could probably wade across.  Pretty sad.

Here is the same stretch from a different angle…this one was taken in March 2011.  You can see it’s down about 8′ here, but there’s still plenty of water for the fish and livestock.

One of our neighbors came by and asked to fish the remaining water.  He was gone about an hour.  When he came back up, this is what he had strapped to his 3 wheeler. 

This is a Yellowcat Catfish…and it will probably weigh in at 15-17 lbs.  It was a good 28-30″ long.  Josh said it would be a great dinner for tonight.  I’m thinking that as muddy as that water is, it will taste muddy.

He said he caught a larger Blue Channel Cat, but it broke his line after pulling him into the water twice.

I think Ernie is planning to fish/catch/move some of the remaining fish to the Pastor’s tanks so they’ll have a chance at living.  The Bayou is drying up about a foot a day, so the water won’t last much longer without a serious rain.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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