More Spring :-)

This is a view from the van window this morning…shot in downtown Coleman, TX.  My photo doesn’t do the Wisteria justice, but it’s what you get today!

I love the Wisteria and so do the bees!  The blooms are full of bees.   That’s why I”m in the van, lol.

Susan ~ Patchkat


9 responses to “More Spring :-)

  1. Thanks for the picture of spring SOMEWHERE!! It’s only 23 degrees outside this morning, and that’s because it’s already gone up 4 degrees!! Brrrr!!! I want MY spring!! (in PA) :-)

  2. I love Wisteria! We’ve got some that needs to be planted. I know it loves to take over but I don’t care!

    • Mom had a beautiful wisteria on an arbor…it was always a wonderful place to watch. It sheltered birds, preying mantis and of course, lots of bees.