Double Disappearing 9 Patch

The quilt shown in the header above is a double disappearing 9 patch.  (Which give you the smaller diagonal squares).    One of the most FUN quilts I’ve made.   I used up a bunch  of tone-on-tone and solid scraps.  The finished quilt turned out to be a large lap/twin sized.  I would like to do more with controlled color scraps.   I’m thinking it would look cool with a tan background and shades of reds/blues for the squares (think Quilts of Valor)…or maybe a pale yellow background with orange, rusts and browns for the squares.    I can also see lime greens, watermelon pinks and lemon yellows on a pale grey background.

I have too many plans…and need to retire soon or I won’t get anything done :-)

Susan ~ Patchkat


Plans for the New Year?

“Thus saith the Lord, which maketh a way in the sea, and a path in the mighty waters; Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:16, 18-19 KJV

Isn’t it great to have a scripture for the New Year? Forget what’s past…you cannot change it…Look forward to the new life the Lord will provide for 2014! There’s nothing HE cannot do…or anything that HE hasn’t already overcome for us! Great thoughts.


Now…for us…we’re staying in tonight! Call us “fuddy duddies”, but neither of us drinks much, so certainly not worth clubbing. Neither of us likes to drive at night, so we’re pretty limited here in Burkett for NYE activities. Someone is usually firing off fireworks at midnight.

You’ll find us curled up in front of the fireplace, hot chocolate in hand. There will probably be an old movie on the TV and I’ll be hand stitching quilt bindings with a couple of cats in my lap. All that works well for me!

We have dinner with friends tomorrow. Since it’s at their house, all I have to do is cook fresh green beans and a dessert. Easy peesy.

NY Resolutions? I no longer make those. Never kept them anyway, so was a waste of time and breath. Only thing I’ve done new for 2014 is made up a menu for the whole month of January! We’ve shopped for the few things we needed and everything else is in the freezer. Ernie keeps us in biscuits for breakfast and even sometimes bakes a few loaves of bread.

If I had wishes for things to do in 2014, I would like to become more self sufficient, more efficient in my purchasing, cooking and better at rotating stuff in the freezer. I’m hoping having a set menu will help. If I can make it through January…then February will be easier!

Susan ~ Patchkat

We’re NOT the Brady Bunch…just ask our kids…

We’re sort of a “Brady Bunch” without the maid, royalties or TV cameras.   Ernie and I came into our marriage with a certain amount of “historical baggage”,  2 children each, and a houseful of cats.   The children ranged from 4 to 11 years old with totally different temperaments and needs.  Because we didn’t all live under the same roof,  there were hostilities, perceived “favoritisms” and lots of jealousy.   To say there were hard feelings and a lot of tension would be putting it mildly.  Did they outgrow all of that?   I’d say yes, but only they could tell you for sure.    That’s the stuff they never showed on the “Brady Bunch”.

Looking back,  I think we did well as parents.   We taught them that hard work was nothing to shirk, that perseverance,  good work ethics, good family values, respect and manners were all important values.  It’s a blessing to watch as they are now passing those same values down to our wonderful grandchildren.

We’ve encouraged each other in our skills and talents.  Ernie was mechanically inclined…but he’s also discovered he has a talent for woodworking, he loves to bake, he enjoys taking part in the gardens, and he loves to work with children.   I’ve always sewed and crocheted, gardened.  With Ernie’s encouragement, my hobbies have grown to encompass charity quilting.  That has involved sinking a small fortune into a long arm quilting machine and no small amount of fabric stash.   I love cooking for groups…that may turn into running a local food bank and soup kitchen in Burkett.   Ernie supports my need to help people.

We’re survivors!   Today,  we celebrate 33 years of marriage.   Years of trials and tribulations with tears of pain, sorrow and joy.  Years of major ups and downs.  The Bible tells us that it’s “in the valleys we grow”….and you better believe that’s true.   Thinking about the tough times…down in those valleys of family troubles, job woes, and health issues…We continue to draw on our faith in our Lord Christ Jesus, which continually strengthens our bonds.

HE has a plan for each of us and I’m so thankful that HIS plans for me included bringing Ernie into my life,  our wonderful family, and a strong marriage.   Yep,  I’d do it all again.

I love you Ernie!  Happy 33 Anniversary!

Susan ~ Patchkat



Stripes and Flowers

DSCF9098 (2)The MOH challenge top is completed!

All the fabrics for the MOH quilt are from my stash except the Hoffman floral (Summer’s End)   which was donated by Hoffman fabrics for the challenge. We could use the required fabric + 3 other colors (colorways).  I chose Blues, greens and purples and the required stripe which has all 3 colors.

So – While I haven’t posted 2013 Stashbusting goals,  I am still working from my stash.

This little quilt plus it’s backing and binding  according to EQ7 used approximately 4.5 yds.    I also cut the backing and binding (6.5 yds)  for a gift quilt that I would like to get loaded on the frame next week.

I’d hoped to have it on the frame and started today…however,  the iron chose today to do a crash and burn.  I refuse to press that big quilt and it’s backing with a little bitty travel iron, lol.   The big stuff will have to wait until we go to town on Wednesday.

I’m thrilled and thankful to have had such a productive sewing weekend.   In addition to sewing,  I did the laundry, pulled a few weeds in the garden and planted the squash.

Think now it’s time for a pill and to relax.

Susan ~ Patchkat


The past week at a glance ~

Ernie is busily putting the grape arbor together.  Since we’re using reclaimed materials, it’s like fitting a puzzle together!  The arches are welded to the basic framework.  He’s cutting the cross bars for the grapes to grow on and trying to get them screwed into place.  Something about the types of metal and he doesn’t have the right thing to weld them together.   He’s adding longer sections to the legs to raise the whole frame to about 8′ tall once it’s driven into the ground.  I’m so excited as are the grape plants.  They’ve been climbing the window (to the ceiling) in our spare bedroom.  Gotta get them into the ground before they take over the whole room!

We’ve had 3 really cold nights…one down to freezing (in MAY for pete’s sake!)  The high one day was 46 degrees.  Winter is really hanging on for dear life.   Looks like we’ll  have another cold front pushing through midweek.

Nice Boss lady treated all the employees + spouses to dinner at Prima Pasta.   Lately,  we’ve been so busy that we haven’t been able to do lunches, so we combined several months of birthdays and went out for dinner.  Food was yummy…and we all got to enjoy visiting outside the work environment.  Fun!  Servings were huge…we brought at least half of our meals home…they became dinner the next night with the addition of salad fresh from the garden.

I had a visit with the oncologist.  X-rays from the last visit show I have 2 hairline fractures in the left pelvic arch…no wonder it’s been giving me so much trouble.   Of course, outside of pain pills, there is nothing to be done.  The radiologist indicated in his report that they would probably heal over time.   I cannot carry anything, cannot lift anything…and have to be very careful of how I step, sit, whatever.  Keep those prayers going us please.  This too shall pass with the help of our Lord.

We made a run into Brownwood last night for some hardware for the arbor, then stopped at Jordan’s for dinner.   Servings in the restaurants are too large for most people.  I did finish my BLT and a few fries.  Came home,  took care of kitties then crawled into the recliner.

Ernie was up before dawn getting ready to attend a men’s fellowship breakfast about 40 miles away from here.  I slept until 8:15.   Started the day with a handful of pills and then scrubbed the bathroom.   I’ve had a late breakfast so now it’s time to turn my attentions to the kitchen…and maybe, just MAYBE a little sewing.  Wouldn’t that be nice.

Susan ~ Patchkat




“MOH Challenge” fabrics Chosen (I think)

Well,  I think I”ve chosen my pattern and my fabrics.   The challenge was to use the big floral fabric and either 4 different fabrics  OR  for those of us who only work with scrappy fabrics, we can use any 3 fabrics and other shades/prints in those 3 color families.

I’ve chosen PURPLE, BLUE-GREEN and YELLOW-GREEN with assorted prints or other solids to match.   Everything came from my stash except for the floral piece  (“Summer’s End”) which was donated by Hoffman fabrics.  Thank you to Hoffman for supporting Mission of Hope!

moh challenge fabrics I’m not going to share my pattern yet,  but I think it will show off the big floral pattern nicely. 

You’ll just have to stay tuned to see how it all turns out.  The colors are brighter than shown here…my flash washes it out too bad.

Being a creature of habit,  all my stitching will be done on a 1949 Singer FeatherWeight machine.  I adore that little machine.  It’s been with me for years and traveled to all the retreats.

Susan ~ Patchkat


I finally managed to get a little sewing done.   I’m still working on Sheryl’s NYD mystery.   I’m at the point of assembling the blocks and setting the top together.   Today I cleaned my sewing table off in the sewing room.   Who knows, maybe soon I’ll be able to load a quilt and do some quilting.

One of the on-line groups I belong to has joined with another on-line group to provide quilts to children in need.   It’s always fun to work on children’s quilts…they’re small, don’t take tons of blocks and are pretty easy to get quilted and bound.  This may inspire me to try harder to get some things done, some fabric used and space in my sewing room.   You’ll notice I didn’t post Stashbuster goals this year…but I’m still actively trying to bust my stash.

Spent a couple of hours outside this afternoon.  Pulled spinach, onions and salad greens.   Washed the leaves, took all the trimmings back to the planter boxes and buried them.   Figure I might as well compost right there in the boxes.  That box has earthworms in it, so maybe they’ll oblige me and turn my trimmings into good compost :-)

Ernie got on the mower and worked in the onion field.  The aroma of wild onions was so strong, he had to stop several times until he could see again.  It looks so innocent, but wild onions are potent.   I pulled weeds out of the iris bed and Ernie ran the weedeater around the rose bushes, garden and the fences.  Looks much nicer out there.

Now, it’s nap time!

Susan ~ Patchkat