How do you pronounce Bayou?

So, how do YOU pronounce B-a-y-o-u? I pronounce it BY-YOU. Here in Burkett, I am in the minority.  Individuals here try to tell me I’m pronouncing it incorrectly.  They claim that it is pronounced BY-OH. As a matter of fact I have only discovered one other person here who calls it BY-YOU. Susan also pronounced it BY-YOU, and it sometimes infuriated her to hear it pronounced BIO.

I looked it up in the dictionary and the preferred way is BY-YOU., but it is also accepted as BIO.  When we have the argument about the pronunciation, I always ask “How do pronounce YOU?”  Silence!  Everyone agrees that you is pronounced U., but they will not admit that it should be pronounced BY-YOU.  I asked an individual who actually grew up in New Mexico, how he said “bayou” before he came to Texas.  He said that he didn’t remember.  He calls it BIO simply because his wife( who grew up here in Burkett) says BIO. He is the one who gives me the most grief about the pronunciation.  And on top of that, he is a retired schoolteacher.

Anyway, I’d like to know how the readers of this blog pronounce BAYOU.  And speaking of the Pecan Bayou, last month April 20th, was the highest I have ever the Bayou.  We have a five feet high boundary marker and the water was a good foot above the post.  On the other side of the bridge our neighbor’s land is fairly flat and the Bayou was approximately three hundred yards across.  Tremendous amount of water.  Then last week the Bayou came down again and it was about four feet lower than last month, but it was still impressive.

Once again, I have to apologize for not posting sooner.  I have no excuses.  But, I again ask forgiveness.  Life on the Bayou does go on. I would be lying if I said that I did not miss Susan, and the love she had for this Bayou.

May you have a blessed day, month, year, life.