Do you know how boring it is….

to be in a hospital bed and unable to do anything?

Had this horrible nagging cough since the last bout of radiation.    Kept getting worse, so Sunday night saw us in the ER in Abilene.   Seems I found me a nasty case of pneumonia.   They’ve got me on high powered antibiotics and breathing treatments.  Looks like I’ll probably be here at least another 2-5 days while they try to clear it up and run more tests.

It’s the pits to not be able to breathe.   If I get up to move around the room,  it almost brings me to my knees as my legs get  weak and I’m fighting for oxygen.

Stacie came in Sunday night and is staying with the herd.  Ernie is running back and forth between home and the hospital.  And me,  I’m just sucking on the oxygen, picking through bad hospital food, and praying for relief.

On a positive note….remember the chemo problem…well,  the Dr’s office appealed their decision and the meds have been approved.   Should have them tomorrow.   Cannot start them till the current issues are cleared up, but at least,  we’ll have them available as soon as I’m cleared to start taking them.

Time to lay back down.

Susan ~ Patchkat



8 responses to “Do you know how boring it is….

  1. So sorry! I am praying for you, and I am praising the Lord for the decision about the medicine. I pray your lungs will clear quickly so that you can begin taking the medicine. I do know how difficult it is to not be able to do anything. In 2008 my back froze up, and I could not even get up to go to the bathroom and could not walk without my husband’s support. He had to take care of me like a new born baby. So I am praying for Ernie also.

  2. So sorry you are sick. Praying you get better quickly so you can use the new medicine. Hugs

  3. Prayers for comfort, healing, consoling hearts and laughter. The laughter so that you do not get depressed. The joy of getting better each and every day. Hugs!!

  4. just rest and let them take care of you so you can get better and go home… hugs.

  5. So happy to hear that the new treatment has been approved! Now “all” you have to do is lay back and recover from that pesky new-moan-yuh. Prayers and loving thoughts being sent your way.
    Love ya bunches,
    Auntie Deb

  6. So pleased the new treatment has been approved. Hope your feeling well and up and about soon.

  7. My prayers are with you. Just relax and take it easy and let everyone wait on you so you can hurry back home.