Our neighbors called about 9:45PM to say they could hear a cat crying…and had heard it earlier in the day but been unable to find the source.   Ernie got dressed, grabbed a flashlight, said a prayer and headed out to hunt down the cat.

The neighbor joined in the search with another huge light.   They tracked the cry down to a huge rock water cistern that used to hold purified Bayou water for the town.   As soon as Ernie started calling,  Blaze started answering….LOUDLY!   It took another trip to the neighbor’s house for a huge ladder which they dropped down the cistern.   Blaze wouldn’t climb it, so Ernie climbed down to rescue him.

By the time Ernie had Blaze out,  I had caught up to them somewhat and started yelling.  Blaze jumped down and made a bee-line to me.   I carried him home, checked him out…looks no worse for his week’s entrapment ordeal.   Once again,  we come to the Lord in thanks for HIS compassion and mercy.  We are so thankful to have Blaze back.

We did let Blaze out late last night as he was wanting to get back outside…and this morning,  he was the first one in when the door opened.   All we can think of is that something chased him into that cistern and he couldn’t jump high enough to get out.   The coyotes have been really bad lately…just thankful that they didn’t have Blaze on the menu!

Susan ~ Patchkat



6 responses to “*** BLAZE UPDATE ***

  1. So glad your kittie is home safe and sound. The not knowing is always the hardest. Take care my friend and give Ernie a hug from me also. Your both are always in my heart and prayers. Miss you. Ann

  2. oh, i’m sooo glad you found him! i have a cat in my lap, so i’m typing with one finger.
    love you,
    auntie deb