Look familiar?

Add a few more black kitties and a white with yellow spots…and this could be us!   I love this picture and all those sweet kitty faces.  I don’t mind being tagged as the local “crazy cat lady”, lol…cause it’s true.

Kitties, just like kids do bad things to gain attention.   They’ve taken bad raps for urinating all over the house, for smelly cat boxes and other equally distasteful habits.  However….that’s on the owners.  The kitties are doing what comes natural to their breed.   For us, as responsible cat owners, it means policing the litter boxes to keep them clean and chasing down the occasional male feeling a need to mark his territory.    Our guys give signs when they’re unhappy, hungry, wanting to be petted or need to go out.  We try to be watchful, though there is the occasional mistake.

Since we’ve quit feeding dry food,  we’re having many less barfing issues.     YEAH!

So, if someone calls me the crazy cat lady,  I’m okay with that.

Susan ~ Patchkat


One response to “Look familiar?

  1. Agreed, if you actually take care of your cat(s), pay attention to what they are saying and make sure they are comfortable, they don’t usually cause problems. Mine have almost always told me when something is wrong. They know I listen, so they come for a little chat. Having said that it’s a learning process and I haven’t always “heard” what they were trying to say. That was my fault, not theirs. But I sure love my kitties!