New kitty room?

I’ve decided what we need for revamping our little greenhouse/kitty room.   I’m thinking it will include lots of sweat equity and about 6 windows and screens for the North and East walls to completely enclose that end of the deck.   We have a spot where there at one time was an A/C unit…that would make a great “door” for the kitties to go between the house to their new room.   Of course, it would require a shelf and some smaller shelves up the wall (like stairs) for them….but they could safely lay out and watch the wildlife, enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine.

Sadly,  it would mean the outside kitties would no longer have access to the greenhouse in the winter, but…I have another plan for a new space for them…one that isn’t exposed to the North winds…and would be easier to heat.   Still need to finish measuring and drawing before I can really say it would work.   Even better,  there is a small wooden storage shed on the property that could be moved and repurposed for additional kitty housing.   That one will take a little research to see what we can do with it.

Now,  I’m on the lookout for those 6 matching windows w/screens.   I contacted Abilene’s Habitat “restore” store.   Maybe they’ll come back with just exactly what we need.

Do you have an enclosed “sun porch” or greenhouse?   How did you enclose it?  Is it heated?  Do you run a ceiling fan for summer usage?   What about mosquitos and bugs?

Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “New kitty room?

  1. Susan, my brother-in-law and wife have only one cat (well he told me a couple of days ago that they acquired a kitten so the other car would have company). they have an enclosed sun room with kitty entry into the house. He built “stairs” across the wall so that the cats can climb up to an area at the top where he has a track around the entire room. He says they love playing up there. Well, the kitten can’t quite make the steps yet but it won’t be long.

    Enjoy your cats! Know I don’t have to say that.

  2. we had a screen room (with a solid aluminum roof) built across the back of our house for our kitties as they were too old to be safe outside when we bought this house. They were able to enjoy it for a few years before they crossed the rainbow bridge, but we think about them everytime we enjoy a spring/summer/fall/winter afternoon out there sitting on the furniture with either the fans going or a blanket across our laps.