What BBQ?

I would love for somebody to explain to me why there is no decent BBQ in this area.   We’re in prime beef country.   The heart of Texas cattle industry.   This area should have BBQ joints on every street corner! 

Yesterday was Dr. day for another PET scan.  Of course,  you cannot eat for 6 hours prior to scan.  By 4:30PM,  I was starving.   I had not eaten since before 8AM.    Ernie,  sweet man that he is, asked the loaded question.   What would you like to eat?   For some reason,  I was really craving BBQ…just a good BBQ sandwich or a small plate of ribs.   I’m really NOT picky.

Let’s see….we’ve tried one  hole – in – the – wall place previously.  So that one was off the list.   The big new one on the main drag only lasted a year and then it shut down.   And that was all we found.   Come on guys…this is ABILENE, TX.  There should be lots of BBQ joints in this town!

Needless to say,  I saw lots of cows….and still ended up with a 2nd rate hamburger instead of the yummy BBQ I was craving.

Ernie got online when we returned home and looked up BBQ places…think he found 2 or 3.  Next time,  we’ll be better prepared…should I be craving BBQ.

Tonight,  we’re having BBQ chicken.   What a shame that a body has to cook BBQ at home to satisfy a simple food craving.

Susan ~ Patchkat



4 responses to “What BBQ?

  1. I love it!!! No BBQ in Abilene?? Nope it doesn’t make sense. Come on over to Washington State. At a busy corner, out here in the country, a BBQ Vendor has opened his shop. He has set up on the corner of Smith Rd and the Hannigen. He has a mobile large Drum BBQ behind his pickup. He’s been at it for awhile. They even put a cement picnic bench there. He hasn’t been around for awhile because of the weather. I was happy to see him there yesterday. His portions are huge, even my hubby can’t eat it all :) I think I make at least 3 maybe 4 meals out of his one serving. It is a really great place to eat and it has provided one out of work family a way to take care of themselves…as well as filling a lot of empty tummies. So anyway if your in the neighborhood………

  2. theres Dickies @ 14th & Winters freeway,betty roses has a couple of places 1 being on judge ely in the shopping area with united on the south east, then theres sharon allens on hiway 80 east. & joe allens which I dont like .there u go! you are welcome!

    • lol…thanks. we weren’t impressed with Betty Rose’s…we’ll have to check the others out. Thanks.