Something fun is coming :-)

Just sent in my deposit for a 3 day quilting retreat with dear friend Wanda!   Finally,  something just for the girls and really fun :-)   It’s been ages since I’ve been able to fellowship with other quilters and actually work on my own stuff…and Lord knows I need to get some UFO’s completed.

imagesMulberry Canyon Quilt Retreat is an annual retreat put on by a couple of local quilters.  They use facilities at the Butman Methodist Camp.   Think it’s about 55-60 miles from us.   I’ll have to work that Friday, but maybe NBL will let me out a couple of hours early.  That would be nice!

My machine of choice for piecing is a Singer Feather Weight.  Love those little machines.  Need to clean and oil mine…wind a bunch of extra bobbins.  Then that will be ready for serious sewing.

Then to pick out which UFO’s I want to work on…I have so dratted many!    I have blocks to cut for kits…or a Mystery Quilt to finish assembling.   There are several packages of swap blocks to be set into quilt tops.    I’ll have to spend some time this weekend getting stuff together.   To be realistic,  I tire so quickly, that I’ll be doing good to work on 1 project, much less 2 or 3.   It will be fun trying though.

What supplies do YOU carry to the retreats?

A dear friend gave me the coolest tote several years ago.  It’s my go to bag when we head for Houston (my computer fits in there nicely with whatever quilting project I choose to carry.  It’s large enough to hold the 18′ x 24″ cutting mat, my rulers, cutters, an adorable strawberry pin cushion from dear friend Sheryl, and lots of fabric (or blocks).   That is the best retreat tote I’ve ever had!    Thanks, Marilyn :-)

Of course I add the extra spools of thread, the bobbin holder and my machine oil/tool bag into a net tote bag made by quilty friend Vivien!  That bag slides doen in the sewing machine case.   The spool holder adapter for the larger thread spools was a gift from another dear friend.  Her late husband, Daryl, made them for another retreat group.  I have two and use them all the time!   Thank you Barbara!   Another dear friend made a sewing machine caddy that sits on the table under my machine.  Helps to pad the machine so it doesn’t vibrate on the banquet tables, holds my scissors, seam ripper and a tape measure right at the machine.  Another really cool gift!   Thanks, JoAnn!

There are so many wonderful memories in my quilty supplies…and as I use those items,  I remember the good times and the fun we all had.  Do you have special supplies?

Ernie and the kitties will be on their own for a couple of days.  He’ll be ready to string them all up by their ears by the time I get home!   Guess I should stick my head in the freezer and start planning some easy to prepare meals for him.  He’s a great cook, but I like to do for him when I’m going to be away.  That way,  I know he’s eating real food and not just snacking!

So…smiley face for today!

Susan ~ Patchkat



3 responses to “Something fun is coming :-)

  1. I have started pulling projects, will bring both featherweights, and need to finish a block for an exchange. Looking forward to the retreat and being with Susan for a week end.

  2. Know you’ll have a great time. Looking forward to pics of your projects. Next Sat. DD and I will go to a one-day “retreat” where we work on community service projects for our Guild–pillow cases, small blankets, place mats, bead bags., etc.

  3. So glad you’re going out for some fun! You deserve it! And what could be more fun than being with Wanda!