We really should be thankful that we’ve made it to March without a major grass fire.  Ernie called before lunch today to say we’d been called out on a grass fire.  I was at work, so didn’t go out.   This turned out to be a good sized fire…maybe caused by an electrical line or a heater in a hunter’s camp not properly disabled.  Whatever,  it sure messed up the hunter’s camp and burned off a bunch of land area just Southeast of our house.  Scary.   Ended up with trucks from 4 different departments in the area and they called it “out” about 5:30 PM.   Someone will babysit the area for awhile incase it flares up.  That’s always a big possibility when you have trees or buildings involved.   Kudos for those fire fighters who answered the call today.  Our volunteers are the best.

He’s had a shower,  grilled pork chops for dinner and finally,  crawled into his recliner.  Bet he sleeps good tonight.

On the housing front,  one of our area housing authorities had a fire in a duplex unit…burned the building to the ground.  Sadly,  there was one reported death and one resident in critical condition this evening.    How devastating for those families and for the housing authority.    Prayers for all involved.    We’re so thankful the fire in our Hi-Rise  had no casualties.   We had 44 displaced families, but everyone survived to include all their pets.

That’s my report on this week’s fires.   I truly hope we go the rest of the year with no more fires.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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