Okay, so I’m waiting the 10 minutes….

Yesterday was  cold and overcast…high of 45….low of 28. brrrr!!

Today is hot and sunny…high of 85….low of 48…and windy as all get out!

Tomorrow will be cloudy,  86 high and a low of 60.  That sounds do-able to me :-)

All that is cool, but wait 10 minutes…it’s bound to change!

Sure enough,  SUNDAY…stormy, high of 63,  low of 18!!!   REALLY?

We’re planting garden tomorrow…guess it will have to take it’s chances through next weeks wild weather ride!

For today,  it’s hold onto your hats and skirts…we’re blowing at 25-30 mph and gusting into the 45 mph range.  This kind of weather is always bad for us because it brings with it a high fire dangers.

Susan ~ Patchkat