Welcome back Ms. Winter!

What a short Spring & Summer, lol….we have had some beautiful upper 60-70 degree days…balmy,  sunshine, nice breezes.   Short weather.    Forget that for awhile.    Ms. Winter has returned with a vengeance.    See those bands of white and blue across Texas.   Winter weather, rainy, cold, drizzly and possibly some sleet for today.

current color enhanced goes east infrared image

Yesterday’s high was 45 degrees….low last night – 26.    Today,  we’re looking at a high of 34 with the low of 28 tonight.   The next 10 days…we’re looking at ups and downs from an almost 80 degree day to lots of 40-50 degree days and freezing nights.   Brrrrr.   Winter graphics

It’s time to be planting and this weather is really not conducive to good results.    We’re still planning to get the rest of our garden in this weekend.    Hoping the soil will insulate seeds and seedlings till we warm up again.   We don’t have fruit trees yet.   That’s a good thing as most of the local trees are flowering and this freezing snap will probably kill the crop for this year.    We do have 1 wild plum, but it’s not flowering.   Probably will be by the weekend.   It’s still small enough that we can cover it with a tarp if need be.    Last year, it had flowers but never set fruit.   Needless to say,  we’re hoping for fruit this year!

The weather has confused all the trees and plants.   There are daffodils up all around the neighborhood…not ours.   The flowering weeds are already going strong and the trees have that “green sheen” of new growth.   The roses (which I haven’t gotten pruned yet) are putting out new leaves.   Figure the freeze will get them, so now I’ll go ahead and prune away.

Living in Texas can sometimes be a challenge if you’re growing crops.   Would it be asking too much to think that the freezing weather will kill off so many of the hated bugs?   That would be the one good thing to be said for freezes!

Susan ~ Patchkat


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