Small towns continued….






Right outside of Brenham, TX stands this collection of old buildings.  I think there are about 18-20 buildings.   These are just the ones I could shoot from the car along the road.   It is my understanding that the buildings are authentic and were moved from various sites with the intention of establishing the town of Winkelman, TX in the early 1980’s.

If my Googled pages are correct,  this was the dream of Raymond Winklemann who moved the buildings, added a restaurant and a few stores hoping to attract tourists on Hwy 290.   Seems the citizens of Brenham were not happy with the friends Mr. Winklemann and his partner attracted, so they  were basically run out of town and the dreams and ambitions were never fulfilled.   Mr. Winklemann died of AIDS several years later and is buried in a cemetery in Brenham.   His little town withered and died without ever amounting to anything other than a cute collections of old buildings on the side of a major roadway.

Google Winklemann, TX and read the rest of the stories!

Susan ~ Patchkat




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