How crazy can you get?

After a long day of testing at the hospital,  all I wanted was to take a pill, put my feet up for awhile, then maybe go get something to eat.  That all sounds “do-able”,  right?

I did what I needed to do and felt a little better.  We discussed our dinner options and both agreed that we’d like a pizza.   Just go sit down in a sort of dark, cool place, share a fully loaded pizza and some iced tea.  Pizza Hut!   Yep,  Ms. Garman said there was a location pretty close to the hotel.   We loaded up,  only made one wrong turn (hard to correct with the transit metro buses and all the no left/no U turn/one way signs on every intersection.   Anyhow,  we finally made it into the parking lot.   Things are NOT looking good.   Walked in and our fears were confirmed…it was a take out only location.   ARGH!

Ms. Garman told us there was another location a little further away…so now we’re off on an adventure!    This particular adventure involved a lopsided “round- about” and a whole bunch of narrow one way streets…and nowhere to turn around to get back on track.  In the meantime,  we passed signs for the Zoo and a bunch of museums…and all sorts of high end specialty restaurants….and all we wanted was a pizza!

We did finally pull into the parking lot of the 2nd location…and guess what…it looked just like the first one…a take out only!   I would’ve been totally hacked, except it was too funny to be mad.   During all this time,  I have deduced that we needed to cut Ms. Garman some slack…she had no idea it was take out only…I decided that she was slow and directionally challenged and that she was doing the only job she could…by then,  we were both laughing so hard that Ernie turned the car back towards the hotel and we ended up dining at Olive Garden.  What a hardship as we both love their soup and salad combos.

All that just for a pizza!   Nice Boss Lady said she would’ve placed an order,  taken it back to the hotel and been done with it…she just doesn’t understand, lol.  I mean we were talking about PIZZA!!!!  Plenty of other pizza places around, but we wanted what we’re used to….oh well.

Susan ~ Patchkat


One response to “How crazy can you get?

  1. I’m laughing, but of course not at you. Love Olive Garden soup and salad as well. Now I’m hungry!