Chickens and kitties….a good combo?

Not really, but since we’ve had the first game rooster several years ago,  the cats have mostly ignored the chickens and roosters that have shown up in the yard and on the deck eating the cat food.   When the neighbor had young pullets,  they were always in danger from Muckley.   Charlie used to tell us he saw her catching his pullets, but once they were grown, the cats have wanted nothing to do with the hens and roosters.   Think “BIG RED” the first gorgeous rooster taught them some manners.  After “BIG RED” there was “RED FEATHER” who had lovely white tips on his feathers.   Have no clue what happened to him.  Here today,  gone tomorrow.

But now,  there’s “BRONZ-EN”….DSCF9763  He’s quite a Rooster with a harem of 5.   He herds his chicks throughout the neighborhood.  Guess they’re roosting in the trees at night.  We’re not really sure where they go, but they’re here to eat several times a day.   Ernie can almost hand feed them…they only move off about 5 feet to let Ernie put food down, then they’re on the lid eating.   “BRONZ-EN” has a lovely iridescent black, blue, green tail with lots of bronze feathers on his neck.  He’s a gorgeous boy in the sun.

DSCF9767  Muckley watches on as the chickens and “Bronz-en” feed …but then,  she went on about her kitty business.   I think we’d be okay with chickens as long as we could keep them locked up at night…at least, they’d be safe from the kitties.

Susan ~ Patchkat




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