The death of a mouse :-(

DSCF9775Here I was,  playing on the computer…getting ready to update my blog…then it was time to eat, so I shut it all down for dinner.  When I got back to the computer,  this is what I found.   A dead mouse.   I thought the battery had crashed, but this is what I discovered when I popped the battery access off.  See that little metal piece…it should’ve been latched onto the piece on the lower right by some little plastic tabs.    The little plastic tabs had broken and there was no way to resurrect the mouse.

We made a trip to Brownwood so I could purchase a new wireless mouse.  Now I’m back in business.   I have tried and tried, but the touchpad and I just don’t get along!   Take it from me, if that was all I had to use,  I’d never post again!

Susan ~ Patchkat


One response to “The death of a mouse :-(

  1. And here I thought you meant a “real” mouse!! I figured you probably don’t have many of the little critters with all the kitties around.