Smug cats ~ ~ ~

This is what smug cats look like….not sure what they have to be smug about, but whatever it is,  this is how they look!

DSCF9759 DSCF9776

ShadowFire after his 2  1/2 weeks outside  and little Snuggles who shows no interest in outside.   Both looking pretty smug with whatever they’ve done.

DSCF9761And Tessa whose stay in the house will be ending in a few days.   Her foot has healed nicely and her little belly is rapidly growing new fur.  She’s ready to go outside again.   Hate to put her out, such a sweet little girl.    Since she’s been here,  she’s stayed real close to the house.   She eats and sleeps on the back deck right by the sliding doors.

Snuggles and Spooky will be joining her outside soon.    ShadowFire desperately wants to go out again,  but I cannot be calling Stacie to come get him back in and he was intended to be an inside kitty.    Wish we had the facilities to keep them all inside.   As it is, the best we can do is get them fixed, vaccinated and keep them healthy outside.

Susan ~ Patchkat



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  1. Do the outside cats do ok out there? What about the cold? We have one (now..inside) cat. We’ve been doctoring his front feet…deep staph infection. I’m afraid to let him out again.


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    • Lynn, yes, even with the temps in the teens, the outside kitties thrive. We keep them well to start with and provide them warm beds out of the weather. There is a heater in the greenhouse room and their totes on the decks are covered with old moving pads and area rugs. Pretty unsightly from the street, but keeps the kitties warm. Most of the kitties sleep with one or two others, so they share lots of body heat. Ernie puts fresh water out several times a day and again before we go to bed. Even so, I breathe much easier when Spring comes.

  2. Are you sure you can’t keep them in?? I know it has been cold and snowy here this winter and I hate the thought of any of mine being out. (they know that they have it good) Little Kitten, as much as she would love to go out, knows it is cold and she is nice and warm and no one steals her food and she is nice and warm and gets extra loving and she is nice and warm.

    • Jo Anne, I would keep them all in if we had the room. Right now, we’re bursting at the seams, have unhappy older kitties and we’re having our share of little kitty fights and bad litter box manners. I have no other areas with doors to shut them up in to restore the status quo for our older babies.

      I’ve never had outside kitties in my adult life. Ours have always been indoors and well protected and cared for. We have anywhere from 8-12 cats in the house at all times. Last night because it was so cold (19 degrees), all 12 stayed inside. In the mornings, the older ones are lined up to go outside.

      I’ve drawn up plans for a cat room off the deck…it would be insulated and have screening and wooden shutter type doors to close everything up. That would alleviate some of our crowded issues. Just not happening yet.

      Needless to say, we’re hoping our weather is going to start warming up soon.