Smug cats ~ ~ ~

This is what smug cats look like….not sure what they have to be smug about, but whatever it is,  this is how they look!

DSCF9759 DSCF9776

ShadowFire after his 2  1/2 weeks outside  and little Snuggles who shows no interest in outside.   Both looking pretty smug with whatever they’ve done.

DSCF9761And Tessa whose stay in the house will be ending in a few days.   Her foot has healed nicely and her little belly is rapidly growing new fur.  She’s ready to go outside again.   Hate to put her out, such a sweet little girl.    Since she’s been here,  she’s stayed real close to the house.   She eats and sleeps on the back deck right by the sliding doors.

Snuggles and Spooky will be joining her outside soon.    ShadowFire desperately wants to go out again,  but I cannot be calling Stacie to come get him back in and he was intended to be an inside kitty.    Wish we had the facilities to keep them all inside.   As it is, the best we can do is get them fixed, vaccinated and keep them healthy outside.

Susan ~ Patchkat