ShadowFire is back in the house!!!

Daughter Stacie came to house sit while we were in Houston.   We had to leave with ShadowFire still outside and wild as a march hare.   Hated doing that.   Shouldn’t have worried!  After 2 1/2 weeks,  ShadowFire was ready to give up and come back in the house….just not on his own.  ShadowFire came up to the carport looking for food.  Stacie carried a little food out and talked to him.   He was hungry enough to come close enough to eat what she put on the ground.   Stacie picked him up,  Locked him in her arms and walked him into the house.   Needless to say,  we’re thrilled!   ShadowFire has been Ernie’s second skin since we got home last night.   Stacie said he’s slept almost continuously since she got him in the house.

After all the testing on Tuesday, we decided to go to Salt Grass Steak House  for dinner.   Nice restaurant,  kinda pricey…and it came with an unplanned “floor show”.    The show featured a large mouthed, bossy lady in a wheel chair and her little mousey care giver.

The lady in the wheelchair was complaining non-stop in a very loud voice about everything….she jumped her table server for picking up the empty appetizer dishes,  she hollered across the restaurant for the manager…and fussed loudly until he came to her table.   The whole time this is going on,  she’s rationalizing and explaining to mousey about why she’s being so “picky” about everything.   Loud Mouth kept on until her meal came,  then she complained about the meal,  but not until she had pretty much cleaned her plate…her steak was over cooked, but there was no evidence left, lol.  She’s eaten it all!

She ordered Mousey an appetizer then offered her the potato off of her plate (which Mousey turned down).   When she got the manager’s attention,  she told him he owed her a steak and 3 pieces of cheesecake!   This is after she already got a free order of bread.   When the wait person brought her bill,  she told Mousey that she wasn’t going to pay the whole bill….and that she was docking Mousey’s pay by $1.00 because she had the nerve to touch the food on Loud Mouth’s plate after it’s been offered to her!   Loud Mouth told Mousey that the germs could’ve killed her…(at which point I looked at Ernie and said at least we’d have had a quiet dinner).

Later, she called someone on her cell phone to come pick her and Mousey up…but the whole time she’s got this poor person on the phone,  Loud Mouth is swinging the phone around her head, waving it around at other diners    Poor Mousey…I couldn’t stand an hour of Loud Mouth in the restaurant…I cannot imagine being in a car or in a house with that woman!    It was CRAZY!   It payed off for Loud Mouth though…she rolled out (finally) with 2 carry out boxes of strawberry cheese cake, a salad and the baked potatoes….  I did ask the manager as we were leaving if there was an extra charge for the floor show.   He looked like he needed a good laugh!  .

We fought the coldest wind coming home last night….watched the temps fall from almost 50 in Houston to 21 in Burkett!   It snowed overnight and is still frozen cold today.    NiceBossLady told me not to come in, so I’m in my recliner with the heating pad and a nice fire in the fireplace.   Sneaking some extra nap time.   Didn’t sleep well in Houston this trip.

The new Ford Escape was wonderful on the road.  Nice ride, handled well.   When my hip started hurting,  I could take a pill and turn the seat on…the combination of medication and heat knocked the pain out pretty quick.    It’s still a Lo-o-o-o-ng drive.   6 hours is a long time to be sitting.   Ernie is the one I feel sorry for as he does all the driving….and it’s still a long ride.

Stacie had to drive home this morning in the snow, but she called to say she is safely home.   She followed the snow all the way home and it’s falling in her part of Texas now.

Thanking the Lord for safe travels for all of us!

Susan ~ Patchkat


7 responses to “ShadowFire is back in the house!!!

  1. Always good to read the good news. Glad to hear that the errant kitty is finally back home and warm!! As for the “floor show” at the restaurant, “what goes around, comes around!” I’d hate to be there when she got hers!!!

  2. I’m so glad to hear about ShadowFire. I know you are both relieved and he must be also. It’s a shame about your trip to Salt Grass. It’s my favorite place in Houston. They have the yummiest prime rib.

  3. So glad you and Ernie are home safe and sound, also, glad Shadowfire is in the house nice and warm. I’m glad you have such a nice boss lady to watch out for you. Get some good rest today. Love and God bless, Ann

  4. So glad Shadowfire is safe! I know what you went through. My mother’s cat was gone for a month and I just knew my mother would kill me for nat taking care of her. When she got back she was skin and bones. Someone evidently had locked her up in their shed. Kitten has not gone out since.

  5. Glad to hear about Shadowfire being safe and sound! That floor show must’ve been something else–I’ve seen bad customers but not that bad! That lady is definitely off her rocker…..sad.