back on the road again….

Another quick trip to Houston.    Another MRI, more bloodwork and a visit with the radiology oncologist.

Guess the bloodwork was okay.  They never say.    Visit with the oncologist was good, but I’ll have to go back in 2 weeks for surgery.  This will be the “gamma knife” non-invasive surgery that I’m mentioned in a previous post.    Everything is done with laser beams and cobalt.   Sounds exotic, but it is a little scary as the part of the brain they’ll be working on is above the left eyebrow.   Could have some swelling, or  possible damage to the eyes or optic nerve.

We’ll know more when they get everything worked out, pre-certed and scheduled.

Susan ~ Patchkat


5 responses to “back on the road again….

  1. prayers are going in your direction for you and your family. Your treatment sounds exciting but also scarey. Have friends fighing this battle along with you. So far they are doing good.

    Luck and plenty of prayers. Juanita

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  2. I so much wish I could be there with you for this. It is truly amazing how far treatments have come. Rhoda and I were talking about that yesterday. I’m praying for a successful surgery for you with zero complications. Love you.