Getting ready for Spring planting

is definitely a job.   Garden layout takes planning and physical labor.    You can spend hours looking through seed catalogues dreaming and choosing seeds and plants.    You get the Almanac out to calculate planting days….and sketch layouts.


Saturday was beautiful.  Sunny and about 74 degrees.   Ernie pulled out the tiller and took care of the garden.    He has enough room for potatoes, okra, tomatoes, peppers and some green beans.   He had previously turned the garden boxes and planted the first rotation of onions.

We’ll wait a couple more weeks and plant another round of onions.   It’s nearly time for lettuces, kale and spinach.   Soon as the nights start warming, it’ll be time for beets, carrots, radishes.   I’m hoping we can get hoop houses made to fit the boxes before next fall.   For now,  it’s a waiting game.

Wait to till,  wait to plant, wait to see what sprouts, wait, wait, wait.

Susan ~ Patchkat


2 responses to “Getting ready for Spring planting

  1. Congratulations on your garden. I don’t have space for a garden but do have roses and we are finally getting some much needed rain which should help them and the orchards and gardens also. Orchardists have already had to irrigate this year. Had only 3.36 in of rain this season (since July) whereas we had over 16 by this time last year! Lakes are drying up. The rain is an answer to the prayers of many.