Down and out…discouraged?

My scripture for today ~

“As for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded”.   

2 Chronicles 15:7

Something I needed to hear today.   Everyone always thinks I’m so strong and courageous…but I’m not.  The LORD knows the battle I fight 24/7 every day of my life.   I know a lot of my friends are fighting similar battles…and no matter how much you love someone or how many friends you have,  there is that personal battle that only YOU can deal with.   I love my family and friends.    They’re so supportive.    I try hard not to complain or whine…(Ernie will tell you I fuss constantly and I’m sure he’s correct.)   I beg for his patience.    I am truly blessed.

So, for all my friends who are facing illnesses, family issues, financial issues, work issues or whatever…. Hang in there, DON”T GIVE UP!   The BIBLE holds promises from our LORD to his faithful believers.  Read, pray, believe and trust in HIM.

Susan ~ Patchkat


7 responses to “Down and out…discouraged?

  1. To me bravery and courage or not the same as to most people.

    My daughter is both of these. Yet her daughter sees her as weak. Not me!! No matter what the world throws at her and it’s been really hard, she may crash and burn for a while, but always, always rises anew out of the ashes to start again through prayer and faith. She’s my Phoenix bird…:)

    In the old days I guess we called it pulling yourself up by your bootstraps…..grin….and getting on with life.

    This is how I see you as well Susan. Always coming back until God says it’s time.

    To me that is courage.

  2. GOD is there for us, it took me a very long time and becoming disabled for me to turn back to him.

  3. Susan, I can only imagine your battle. I pray daily for a cure for cancer. God bless, Bonnie in Maine

  4. Thank you for reminding me of this verse. It is one I badly needed today.

    It is difficult to always be strong (and nice) when you feel bad. Some of us are neither when we feel good! God is the great physician, and we will continue to pray that He sees fit to heal you completely and miraculously so there’s no way to explain it other than that His healing hand was up on you.