A look at some lazy cats…and one run away


Spooky and Scamp squeezed into a food box while Tessa sits on the chair arm.  Fraidy, Snuggles, Scamp and Blaze sacked out on me!  They love the snuggly, fuzzy quilt.

DSCF9736  ShadowFire (bed on left) with Spooky, is still outside.  He’s been out for almost 2 weeks and shows no intentions of coming home on his own.   We’ve almost had him several times, but he’ s so skittish I’ve quit trying to catch him.    He is coming up to eat with the outside cats, but we cannot get anywhere near him :-(    The 2 kittens are really missing him.   Spooky is being bad and Snuggles (bed on right) is depressed.  We need our boy to come in.   I’ve run out of ideas to catch him.   Anyone had this problem?

Susan ~ Patchkat


4 responses to “A look at some lazy cats…and one run away

  1. I had a runaway several years back, and the only way we could catch her was to get a trap and bait it with her favorite food. We caught 3 different cats before she finally took the bait. Two we returned to their owners and the third was adopted and loved for several years.
    Marilyn S SE TX

  2. Love the photo of the two in the food box. No clue on catching the errant one. Had a neighbor who fed a wild stray–at first it would wait till it heard the screen door close to come get the food. Gradually she would pat it while it ate and hold the door open. One day it went in. Several years later it was a lap cat!

  3. you are such a good mama…. any way you can make it come inside to eat? Food seems to be the best tool to use… if you have a porch or somewhere that it might come into to eat, and then gradually inside… time is on your side!

    • We’ve been trying to entice him into our “bunkhouse” by leaving food on a plate and the door open. He’s so skittish that any little noise or movement spooks him. He made it to the plate of food, then the spin cycle kicked in and out the door he went. Ernie got around the house to the door, but it was too late. We’ll just have to keep putting food out.