Think the timing was a little off for these Christmas Cactus

DSCF9745   These Christmas Cactus have lived on the kitchen window ledge for almost 2 years.   Nary a bloom.   Suddenly,  after I watered them several days with WARM water,  they have deigned to bloom!   The largest one (Not shown) is going on 8 years…and it hasn’t bloomed since the first year we lived here…that was 2006.   Guess I need to repot and water it come Spring.  Maybe next year I can coax it into blooming.

The one on the left is a real pretty salmon/coral while the one on the right is pink.

In El Paso,  we had a Mexican Elder tree in the back garden.   In Summer time,  I’d move the hanging plants, including the Christmas Cactus under the tree.   I watered the plants every day and it was mostly shaded under the tree with a little filtered sunlight.  No matter how hot it got,  that Cactus flourished.    When the temps started dropping,  I moved the Christmas Cactus into the dining room where it bloomed it’s fool head off.  Absolutely covered in coral blooms for months.   It shared a corner with a Corn Plant that also bloomed for months.  First one I ever had to bloom….and the sweetest smelling flowers.

Susan ~ Patchkat


2 responses to “Think the timing was a little off for these Christmas Cactus

  1. My Christmas cactus likes to spend the summer in the porch. I bring it inside in October, and it blooms for Thanksgiving. If it spends the summer inside, it barely blooms at all.

  2. I have a huge Christmas Cactus in the bedroom (usually stays outside in the spring/summer) that usually blooms before Christmas (pale pale whitish/pink). It must be 25-30 years old. I have two small ones near the sliding back door which were cuttings taken from other cactus (pink) that are blooming now. Go Figure. I tore my orchid cactus apart because it had gotten tooooooo big and I’m getting tired of hauling it in when winter hits. Love cactus.

    Your cactus are lovely.


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