Meet Tessa ~ the latest rescue baby

We are the unofficial cat rescue of Burkett…I know we must be because the cats end up here looking for food and petting.   We’ve had 3 new cats show up on our deck.

One of our older neighbors was recently put in the nursing home and her abusive grandson went to jail for locking her up, not feeding her, no water and no toilet facilities.   He was turned in to Adult Protective Services.   The neighbor is a cat lover too and was feeding the ferals that ended up at her house.   With the neighbor gone,  we think her kitties are slowly making their way to us.

DSCF9743This is Tessa.   She went to the vet to be checked over, spayed and get her vaccinations today.  As you can see, she has her foot bandaged.   Seems she must’ve torn a claw out and the toe is infected.   The vet loaded her up with a long acting antibiotic and  knocked her out to clean and repair her foot.  The rest of the needed treatments will be delayed until the infection is gone.

Tessa is about 8 months old.  She’s longhaired and has the sweetest disposition.  She normally sleeps on the back deck in a lawn chair so she can watch what goes on in the house.   Since she’s still a bit under the anesthetic, she’s house bound for a few days.  When I snapped this photo,  her eyes were still dilated, so she looks like a demon cat.   She finally climbed up on the couch and went to sleep.  It’s been a long stressful day for her.

The two new orange boy kitties,  Milo and Red Face will need to visit the vet to be neutered and have their vaccinations.  When new kitties show up,  our first stop is the vet to have them checked out, spayed or neutered and vaccinated.

DSCF9710Our sweet ShadowFire shot out the front door Thursday and hasn’t come home.  He’s staying under the empty house next door.  He’s so timid and spooked.    We spent part of Monday setting up traps, but he was smart enough to not get caught.

I’m hoping he’ll get hungry and come up to the porch with the other kitties. Scamp hasn’t lured ShadowFire home.  Neither of us is able to get under the house as the crawl space is about 8″ high…so  for now,  we’re trying to watch where ShadowFire is hanging out.

Would welcome any ideas to tempt him out into a trap.  Neither cat food or roasted chicken has tempted him enough to get in the traps.   I want my sweet boy back in the house!

Susan ~ Patchkat


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