New fixtures to update the kitchen – finally!

When our kitchen ceiling fan died,  we used a table lamp on the dining table to eat by.  After a couple of weeks, Ernie was ready to look at new fixtures.    I knew pretty much what I wanted as I had been looking online.  Thought I was going to order them online, but chickened out.  I am a person who prefers to look at some things in person…to be able to measure, touch and have several choices in my line of sight.

I’m glad I waited to go look at light fixtures in the store.   The one I thought I wanted was not the one we brought home.   Do you realize how many different types of fixtures there are?   The number of metal finishes,  the globe colors….I knew I wanted to match the new refrigerator (stainless steel) and that I wanted a white globe with 3 bulbs.    Our dining area needed LIGHT.  Our house is so dark.  Not near enough windows and the ones we have are shaded by the deck.


When we found this fixture,  I fell in love with it.   Not only did we purchase it, but we purchased it’s twin in a flush fitting fixture for the area between the kitchen and the living room.   Now,  we have plenty of light and things look more “put together”.    The metal matches the color and style of the refrigerator and pulls in the Stainless steel color from the stove.

I don’t know how we lived without new fixtures for 10 years!   We are such creatures of habit!!!

Next purchase will be new screen doors for front door and sewing room door.   One to let air circulate in the nice weather and one to keep kitties out of my sewing room.


Susan ~ Patchkat




4 responses to “New fixtures to update the kitchen – finally!

  1. I love it… and the proof is it is almost exactly like the one we bought… and we got the matching Dining room…
    They do tie in all the stainless…

  2. I totally understand-we are totally redoing our kitchen etc. walking in to a lighting store was a surprise. glad we decided to just look first, but now we have to go back and buy!

  3. Love it! We changed the ones in my folk’s house and in our hallway. Need to do bedrooms and entry/dining ones. There are so many I want—but so hard to pick out.