I am enjoying the hens and rooster.   He flashes his wings, calls his hens and its’ fun to watch their antics.  Ernie is working with them.   Shakes the feed container and clucks at them.   He’s got them coming to within 10 feet of him to eat.   They scratch and dig in the grass for chicken feed he scatters on the ground as well as eating off a plastic lid he puts food on.   Before long,  I think he’ll have them coming right up to him.

When the hens were on their own,  they scattered everywhere, nested in the trees and we worried about them all the time.   Since the rooster has shown up, he runs a pretty tight ship.   The rooster keeps them all together and they seem a little safer.   They stand in the carport and squawk for their morning handout of chicken scratch.   The rooster crows if Ernie doesn’t show up in a timely manner with the red bucket in hand.


I managed to shoot this picture tonight.  They’d already fed here and moved on to the abandoned house behind us.  Can you see all 5 hens?  White one is on the left behind the grape arbor.   I’m trying to get a good sunshine shot of the Rooster.  He’s really pretty with his greenish tail feathers.   In the meantime,  we need to look at getting a coop built.

Susan ~ Patchkat


2 responses to “Critters!

    • I think these are all game birds from down the other end of town, but none of them has made threats to us or the cats. I’m hoping we can have a few more hens for eggs. The rooster is just pretty.