The Little Red Wagon

With 22 cats and a bunch of birds/chickens  hanging around,  we buy EVERYTHING in bulk.  50 lb bags of birdseed and chicken scratch, 40 lb buckets of cat litter,  18 lb bags of kibbles and several cases of wet cat food.   That adds up to a lot (LOT) of weight to carry from the vehicles to the pantry.    I’m very limited in the amount of weight I can carry due to the risk of more hip fractures.   Ernie has admitted that it’s becoming harder to lug all that stuff by hand!    I’m happy he finally mentioned it…I’ve been worried about his aches and pains (knees and back) for several years.   He’s put off knee surgery in fear I’ll need surgery/treatments and he won’t be able to care for me if he’s incapacitated.   I keep pushing, but so far he hasn’t bent on that one.143399_200x200

In an effort to ease his pains,  I gave him a little red wagon for Christmas!   It was backordered, but arrived last week.    Ramping to the deck is not an easy feat as we have 5 steps to get into the house and a long walk once you’re inside.   He’s built a ramp up the first set of steps to the deck.   Just need to figure out the upper landing, second set of steps.   Ramping that part is a little more difficult as we still need to have a flat landing and steps.   The good news is he filled the wagon twice this weekend and got all the supplies and groceries in the house!!!

Funny as we age,  it’s all becoming about comfort and ease of operations!

Photo borrowed from Kotula’s.  One of my favorite places to shop!!!  Lots of outdoor items,  entertainment items and just plain fun stuff.    Click their name and check them out.

Susan ~ Patchkat


2 responses to “The Little Red Wagon

  1. That little red wagon is a very handy solution. The YOUNG staff in my office building even use a little red wagon to bring in the mail because the mailbox is at the curb which is a long way from the front door. And it would take more than one trip most of the time to bring in the mail, so – the little red wagon is used a lot.

  2. Those little red wagons aren’t just for little kids anymore! Ditto on looking for ways to make getting items from Point A to Point B eaiser. Even though the wagon will help him, you really do need to continue to encourage him to have knee surgery before it becomes too late. I was told by a friend that she almost waited too long to have surgery. Her doctor told her that had she waited any longer he wouldn’t have been able to do anything for her. In other words, where knees are concerned, there appears to be a point of no return. I think that would be worse than being out of commission for a while. No one likes surgery, but sometimes the alternative is even worse. Good luck on convincing him of that.