Stock Pots – another search ended!

9070Stock%20Pots%20IIIAfter shopping around and trying to decide what brand and size I wanted, I finally settled on the Tramontina 22 Qt Stainless Steel stock pot.   It’s a shame to have a pot taking up space when you only use it a few times a year, but I’ve had more call for one in the last 2 years than I’d ever have thought possible.

We make and eat a lot of soups, stews, chilis and jams…all of which require large pots for the amounts I prefer to make.   Why do a small pot when you can do the large and have meals to put in the freezer or jams for the pantry?   I love making stock too…just fills the house with the best smells.   I should learn how to can the stocks rather than freezing.  I’ll have to consult my canning mentor on this one, cause I know she cans everything in the World!  Right, Judy?

Long story short,  I found this lovely pot under the Christmas tree this year and I’m still ecstatic!  Of course,  I had just made the double batch of marmalade, but there will be another time!   I cannot wait to press it into service.  I have a smaller Tramontina pan that I really like to use.   Easy to clean and not so heavy that I cannot lift them when empty.   Full will require assistance!

I have a good hubby who finally got over the guilt about purchasing the items I really need/want for Birthdays and Christmas.  Yeah!    I would draw the line at an iron or a vacuum though!   Those just mean WORK, and we all know I’m allergic to that!

Susan ~ Patchkat



3 responses to “Stock Pots – another search ended!

  1. Do you need a waterbath kettle? I have an extra one. I have two sizes of large pot that I love. Time saved making more a large amount of stews and soups. Just invite me over when you have too much, I’ll help you eat it.

    • need a pressure canner. have a small presto that holds 4 pints and has a preset 15lb weight. Have a waterbath that holds about 7 qts