Honey, look what followed me home…..

We’ve been looking for another vehicle for the last few months.   Had a few close calls, but finally, finally found what we were looking for –

2014-ford-escape-fwd-4-door-s-angular-rear-exterior-view_100430417_la 2014 Ford Escape SE with the 1.6 ecoboost engine and the leather package!!!!    The leather package gets those much needed heated seats (if you have back/hip problems, the heat is WONDERFUL!) and the ecoboost engine is more fuel efficient.   Any gas savings are a welcome plus.

The dealership had to trade another dealer for the one we wanted.   They’ve called to say it’s arrived.   They’re doing the dealer make ready right now…and we should be driving this baby home tonight!    I’m excited.

Susan ~ Patchkat



6 responses to “Honey, look what followed me home…..

  1. Congrats!! We also just got a new vehicle this past year! Similar in style & color, but a Honda. First time in about 30 years we actually got a NEW car! Enjoy yours!!! Ain’t it great?!!! :-)

    • We tend to buy new and then drive the wheels off of them….that’s why we’re still driving a 2000 van and a 2001 truck. We didn’t trade anything in so we’ll have the van for a backup…I cannot easily get in to most vehicles…but the van has the leg room needed to climb in and out…as does the new Escape. Besides, who doesn’t like the smell of a new vehicle!!!

  2. Congrats. Nice looking car and you will love heated seats. We bought a Nissan in 2007 and it had heated seats….we kept saying…who needs heated seats? Must have been us because in the winter time, it does come in handy. Enjoy and Happy New Year.


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