Wishing you all a safe and Happy New Year!

We’re settled in for the night.  Dinner was homemade beef soup with cornbread.  Dessert for tomorrow’s dinner is in the refrigerator, new SUV is in the driveway!!!!   Kitties are all sacked out and quiet.   Great way to end 2013.   We might still be awake for the ball drop, but I’m guessing probably not.  I can celebrate the arrival of the New Year with my eyes closed between the sheets!

Y’all have a terrific night.  I’ll see you next year!

Susan ~ Patchkat


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  1. Wishing all of you the best. Hope the new year finds all the health concerns greatly reduced or eliminated!!

  2. Happy New Year! My niece, Gail, is visiting from NY. We were having dinner with my daughter and hubby. Watched the ball drop in Times Square in NY which was 9:00 here. Came home and hit the hay as we had lots going on NY Day (she was flying to SF to visit a cousin there). I had a quiet NY Day at home with a short visit from my son. So lucky that my kids live in the same town as I do!! And your new pot sounds wonderful. Happy cooking!