O’ blessed day when Christ was born….

In all the celebrations today,  may we each find that moment of quiet to remember that Jesus is the reason for the Christmas season.   In our home,  there is a strong sense of thankfulness for another Christmas shared.  Each day is a gift from above.

This is a quiet day in Burkett.   No children, no grandchildren to share the wonders of Christmas morning.   I remember the days of trying to get to the Grandparents houses with small children and all the gifts…and now subscribe to the theory that little children need to wake up at home on Christmas morning.   (but not OUR grands…THEY should be here with us!!!!!)   Missing the hubbub and the laughter this morning.

The kitties are most interested in the ribbons, wrapping papers and boxes…just like little kids.   Spend a fortune on gifts, time on wrapping and they like the boxes best.   If it shines, wriggles or crinkles, it’s a hit with the cats.    Pictures at 10!

Speaking of gifts…it’s time to open a few!   Merry Christmas to all!

Susan ~ Patchkat



2 responses to “O’ blessed day when Christ was born….

  1. Merry Christmas, Susan and family, including kitties! My niece from NY is visiting for two weeks. Haven’t seen her for maybe 40 years! She has no family there now since her Mom passed away in the Spring. It’s wonderful having her. Went the Christmas dinner yesterday for my Grandson’s Dad’s side of his family with maybe 35 (including lots of kids from 8 down to 5 months) there. This morning will be my family’s traditional Christmas brunch but maybe 12 present at my granddaughter’s home. We’re passing the baton to the younger generation! . Lucky to have all of us live within a very short distance. So, we’re keeping busy, to put it mildly. Speaking of which, I’m out to the kitchen to fry some bacon for bacon egg rings for brunch!

  2. I know the feelng. Its so quite without the kids and/or grand kids . I love all the noice I guess then the quite after. Just us two today and its so quite.
    You and yours have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.