and the stockings were hung by the chimney with care ~

DSCF9702and we weren’t disappointed!   I don’t know about your family, but for us,  the stockings have almost become the most fun items….it’s always a challenge to find USEFUL and/or fun stuff to fill the stockings.   I really enjoy the challenge, but like everything else,  don’t always have  take the time to find the goodies.   This year’s stockings were no different…and just shows how much alike Ernie and I think.   We each found a favorite candy (Peanut M&Ms for me, Whoppers for him), socks, post-it notes and I don’t remember what else right now.    Maybe for next year’s stocking I can think out of the box and find DIFFERENT goodies to fill Ernie’s.

Tell me how a tree can have this many gifts when there are just 2 people!   We were laughing about that too….our first year,  we each had one gift under the tree.  I’m not sure how many there were this year, but it was way more than one each.  That may come from the fact that we have most everything we need/want.  There are no “big” special gifts left to purchase.  Ernie received a web cam set up for his computer so he can Skype with our daughter and granddaughter….and I received a 22 qt stock pan!!!!   I’ve hinted about this particular one forever.   When your largest pot is only 6 qts, you’re limited to what you can cook.   I like doing great amounts of stock, soups, marmalades as I put stuff up for multiple meals.   My life just got easier!

DSCF9707The kitties enjoyed their part.   Snuggles was in my lap attacking the ribbons.  She looked so cute with the little green bow on her head!   ShadowFire posed with his candy striped ribbon topper.   He’s such a sweetheart kitty.  Apache watched from the countertops and wasn’t overly thrilled with my choice of ribbon toppers.


Spooky and Snuggles climbed into the boxes, rode the papers around the wood floors and wore bows for my pictures.  They’re such good sports.   They scattered that little pile of papers all over the floor by the time we were done with breakfast.  Snuggles settled down for a few, but then Spooky came to pose with her again.

DSCF9714 DSCF9716 DSCF9709

Dinner is done,  we’ve talked to all the kids,  we’ve spent the afternoon in front of the fireplace watching sappy Hallmark movies.   It’s been a great Christmas day!

Susan ~ Patchkat



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  1. We spent the day with a family that had recently lost their son of 44 years. Our children visited for lunch with one of my grands on Christmas Eve. We have what we need and are happy. Have a blessed year!