When life gives you lemons…

you can make lemon pies, lemonade and lemon-orange marmalade!   Thank you dear Sheryl for the gift of Meyer Lemons!

DSCF9691I spent the last two days working on lemon-orange marmalade…and it’s yummy!   I ended up with 20 half pints and still have enough lemons to make a pie for tomorrow and save some juice/zest for another day…of course, I could forget the pies and make another batch of marmalade (I absolutely ADORE marmalade).

Let’s see,  I was also gifted with about 15-20 Gala apples by the NiceBossLady.   SO….This afternoon,  I made up an “Apple Normandy”.   DSCF9699

Lots of apples, cinnamon, custard, pecans and spiked raisins.   It looks and smells wonderful.  We’ll find out later this evening how it tastes with some fresh whipped cream.

There’s a roast in the slow cooker and I have stuff thawing for a turkey/dressing casserole.  Since Ernie and I are celebrating Christmas together with the kitties,  we simplified the menu and all our plans.

Gifts are wrapped and under the tree,  we listened to Christmas music all morning and now,  I’ve curled up with my favorite blankie, the lap top and am watching Polar Express.


The kitties have made the feline version of an oreo cookie!  They are so fun to watch… Spooky on the left,  Snuggles on the right with ShadowFire sandwiched between.   Love these little guys!

Ernie has been outside chopping down a dead tree and cutting fire wood.   He’s drawn a crowd,  think most every neighbor has been over to check out what he’s doing!  Didn’t see any helpers though.   Ernie seems to enjoy cutting and splitting wood.  I sure am thankful for that!   I don’t do very well with the chain saw or the axe, hee hee he.

Heading into Christmas day tomorrow…Wishing you and yours a most Blessed and Happy Christmas.   May the Lord grant you safe travels and shine on all your families and your activities.

Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “When life gives you lemons…

  1. Merry Christmas to you both. I read every post and enjoy being a part of your extended family even if it just on the computer. May you both continue to make gains in your health.