Strange sightings ? Sasquatch? Yeti? Big Foot?

In our line of work,  we see all types of folks.   However….this was a little more than we bargained for!

IMAG0059  We’re in the middle of hunting season around here so we see lots of camo clothing all day, every day.  We don’t normally have them in the office in full regalia.   I wish I could’ve gotten the shoes for you too…they are bright white tennis shoes!   The deer could definitely see those at 100 paces :-)

This goof is a newly wed (took his wife to the ranch today for shooting practice!) from FLorida!   He’s the son of a co-worker.    Here Doug is with his Mom,  Debbie (who thinks she’s an elf!!!!).   Told you I work with some strange people, ROFLOLOL!


Susan ~ Patchkat


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