How to deal with bored kitties ~

Kitties are just like children.   They need to be kept busy, they need interactive activities and a lot of supervision.   By nightfall,  they’ve terrorized each other,  bounced off of every wall and piece of furniture and they’re full of mischief.   When they’re being rowdy and naughty,  we cannot get anything done for having to deal with them.  We keep a water squirt bottle handy and use it a lot.  I know they certainly drive me wild by bedtime.

So…today after our DR apt,  we stopped and bought a Crinkle Tube for them…this was the reaction.


Spooky was inside immediately,  Snuggles and SassyFras were interested onlookers.   Spooky stomped and tromped, sounded like he had a whole floor full of plastic bags he was wallering in.







It was fun to watch them….next,  Apache decided to get into the action.  She caught Snuggles inside the tube and right hand whacked her several times.

It’s so good to see Apache playing again.   She’s acting like a normal kitty who feels good.   She still has a few sores, but the allergy injections and the special diet seem to be helping.   I love watching her carrying balls around squalling for the kittens to come play.  She is such a good kitty.   Of course,  we cannot keep her off the table and counters now that she’s figured out she can climb and jump again.

I think the tube is a hit.   I’ll leave it out for a couple of hours then put it in another room.   It will be something to pull out when they need a new toy to jump on.

DSCF9674   When you’re finally tired and ready for a nap….you find a bud and curl up!


Scamp and ShadowFire butted up against SassyFras on the right.

Good night to all…

Susan ~ Patchkat













7 responses to “How to deal with bored kitties ~

    • Walmart or the pet stores….I think I’m going to purchase a second one and tie them together for a longer tunnel. That would keep them running and give them 2 top holes to poke out of and attack each other from.

  1. Our kitties must be unusually big, they don’t fit in the crinkle tube. Smokey is just plain fat – he can stick his head in but that’s as far as he gets. The “little one” has outgrown it too. I wish I could find a way to wind ours down by bedtime, but that’s when they become most active! I’m so glad Apache Cat is feeling better.

    Happy Catmus kitties!
    Auntie Deb and her kitties, Smokey and Hobbes

    • Sassy can get in it, but she has to low crawl. I think there is a larger size too…seems like I’ve seen something in ads. I’ll have to look. I put it up when we went to bed. Will bring it out tonight…maybe. Depends on how obnoxious they get before hand.