10 days and counting!

IMAG0056  Christmas is coming closer and I’m still not ready!

The kitties broke their stellar record of not messing with the tree…but I think someone jumped the window again and caught the garland which yanked an ornament off the tree.  The ornament broke and I chased glass all over the living room/dining area floors.  Grrr…and it was a cute Santa.   Anyhow,  the spray bottle is back out in plain sight to discourage window jumping.

Poinsettias…my favorite Christmas flowers!   POINSETTIA   click the link for another post on the history of Poinsettias and a pattern for those who craft.

I love reds….and the leaves on these are from bright red to purple reds to greens.  Beautiful!    This batch graces our office counter so I can see it from my desk.

I have one that looked like this last year.   It graced our front porch from early Spring until the cold set in this Winter.  It was just starting to form the red bracts when I carried it in.  Now,  it’s under an OTT light and not a real happy camper.  I think we can keep it alive, but it’s not going to bloom like this again.   When we visited Puerto Rico many years ago,  Rubber trees, Poinsettias and Ivys were grown in flowerbeds outside and flourishing.  Of course, they don’t get our cold weather, but…it was amazing to me to see plants that I’ve always considered house plants growing wild in yards.

Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “10 days and counting!

  1. We were stationed at Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico in the early 70’s and had poinsettia in our yard. Plus 8 ft. tall hedges of red hibiscus. It was a riot of color at times.

  2. When we lived in Southeast Asia, we had a whole fence line of poinsettias in our yard! It’s amazing how tall they can grow if you don’t keep them trimmed down. They were gorgeous in December–Mom would supply the church with them at Christmas.