Still up! 14 days and counting!

The tree is still standing!   The only thing that’s been bothered is a foot long section of pipe cleaner garland on the backside where Ebby jumps into the little window to bird.   Got to be a record with 2 kittens and 2 half grown hellions in the house!

Can you believe….14 days till Christmas?   I don’t have anything finished,  nothing wrapped, nothing boxed to ship….I’m so not ready.   On the positive side,  I do have cards addressed and ready to mail,  all but 2 types of candy made and I’ll hopefully work on fruit cakes tonight.  (I know,  no one likes fruit cakes).   These are not your traditional fruit cakes….these are in a light, fluffy dough base using brandy marinated dried fruits and some nuts.  YUMMY~  almost makes me want to dig out Granny B’s recipe for Rum Balls!!!!!  Those were highly marinated and brushed every few days with fresh rum for months before serving :-)   Don’t remember how the balls tasted, but the rum was pretty fruity!    Seriously,  haven’t made them in at least 30 years.

Have so many things I would like to do this year, but somehow – time has flown again and they’re not going to happen in 2013.   Maybe I’ll be better organized for 2014….maybe.

Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “Still up! 14 days and counting!

  1. After reading about the kitties & the Christmas tree, I was wondering how old they had to get before they pay the tree no mind? My Molly is not yet 2. So I haven’t had a tree this past Christmas & probably not this one either. As my ornaments are ceramic ones I made as well as an ole time glass bead garland.

    • Good question. We have a 12 year old who still likes to swat the occasional ball dangling on the bottom of the tree…and one that’s about 2 who is totally ignoring the tree. The kittens are more interested in chasing their toys around the tree skirt. We’ve had years where none of the cats even looked at the tree and years where they’ve broken the branches climbing through the tree. Doesn’t matter whether it’s fake or real. After several years of sweeping up broken glass, the glass ornaments are usually high up on the tree with lesser important plastic, metal, or wooden ones on the bottom. We quit using tinsel years ago in favor of plastic icicles…and in past years, we’ve actually used eye bolts and wire to anchor the tree to the walls. Every cat is different and apparently so is their attitude every year.

  2. Sounds as if you’ve got quite a lot done. Way ahead of me! I make a fruit cake that people who don’t care for fruit cake seem to like. Has just 1 lb. pecans, 1 lb. dates and 1 lb. candied cherries. No other fruit. No shortening. The rum balls sound good. Have never made them.